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Learn Symfony 5 by creating an e-commerce site


Learn Symfony 5 by creating an e-commerce site


Learn Symfony 5 by creating an e-commerce site Create an ecommerce site with a backoffice, a payment and email system to understand the PHP Symfony 5 framework

What you'll learn

  • Develop a complex and complete project with Symfony 5
  • Create an e-commerce site with the Symfony 5 framework
  • Understand and master the language of templating Twig
  • Understand and master controllers and routes in Symfony 5
  • Understand and master the user of forms and data validation
  • Understand and master entities, relationships and tables in Symfony 5
  • Create an administration interface with EasyAdmin Bundle
  • Create an efficient email sending system using the PHP Mailjet wrapper
  • Create an efficient, multi-step shopping funnel with Stripe for payment
  • Understand and master the services in Symfony 5
  • Understand and master the Security component
  • Understand and master the management of the database in a Symfony project
  • Deploy your site in production


  • La maîtrise de PHP et de la programmation orientée objets
  • Une connaissance des bases de HTML et CSS


I am deeply convinced that to learn effectively you have to practice and measure yourself against a complex project. This is how I learned development. In this training, I offer all PHP developers a step-by-step learning of the concepts of Symfony 5 through the creation of a complete e-commerce site.

* Your users will be able to register, connect, filter the products, put them in the basket, access the purchase tunnel, pay and receive confirmation emails.

* Your administrators will be able to follow orders, manage users and products through a dedicated interface: the backoffice.

The goal is to provide you with all the concepts related to Symfony 5 at each stage of the project. Thus, you will then be able to reuse code and create your projects independently.

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