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PHPUnit in 2020 - Unit & Selenium Testing For PHP Developers


PHPUnit in 2020 - Unit & Selenium Testing For PHP Developers


PHPUnit in 2020 - Unit & Selenium Testing For PHP Developers Includes Test-Driven Development (TDD) by creating real life app with PHP & PHPUnit and Selenium acceptance testing.

What you'll learn

  • You will get familiar with different types of testing code
  • You will learn PHPUnit
  • You will learn Selenium for PHPUnit
  • You will write testable code
  • You will write maintainable code
  • You will find bugs quicker in your code
  • You will save your time by performing fast automated tests
  • You will be able to write fast automated tests for PHP applications
  • You will practice PHPUnit knowledge by doing quizes, coding excersises, etc.
  • You will build from scratch a real world application in PHP using Test Driven Development (TDD) approach
  • You will learn how to test api clients using PHPUnit & Guzzle


  • Object oriented PHP (intermediate)
  • Composer installed
  • Server environment installed (like Xampp)
  • Internet connection
  • Some experience in PHP web development


Welcome to the brand new and very comprehensive PHPUnit (testing framework for PHP) and Selenium for PHPUnit course. PHPUnit is a tool for testing code written in PHP language. And Selenium is a tool for automating web browsers that we will use in this course to test application interfaces. You will learn not only about unit tests but also what integration, functional and acceptance tests are. Particular emphasis will be placed on php unit testing.

Code testing is very important. Here there are most important benefits:

  • you don't waste time as a web developer for manual testing in a web browser
  • you find mistakes in the code faster
  • what's more, by mastering PHPUnit you will start to write code that is testable (you will learn in the course what is non-testable code!)
  • and your code will be easier to maintain, i.e. it will be easier to adapt it to the changes you might need

In short: if you haven't known phpunit yet, you'll simply be a better PHP programmer after completing this course. PHPUnit is a very important skill and if you're looking for a job as a PHP developer, it will allow you to increase your chances to get hired.

During the course, we will be discussing the most important aspects of PHPUnit and Selenium for PHPUnit on practical examples with hands-on coding, such as assertions, data providers, mocks and others (see the curriculum for more information). You will also learn how to test api clients.

The most interesting part of this course is building from scratch a real MVC-based application in PHP and PHPUnit using TDD - Test Driven Development approach. This is an application for managing product multi-level categories - which is not easy to implement. PHPUnit will be particularly useful here. It will be a very comprehensive TDD - not only unit tests but we will also test the user interface of this application using Selenium WebDriver. The HTML template of this application built using the Zurb Foundation Framework will be available to download (not because I think it is the best, just the template for this particular application was easiest to build using Zurb). We will be coding the backend from scratch using Slim Microframework for PHP. We will also use a great package from Laravel called illuminate/database for Laravel Eloquent ORM, thanks to which database operations are very easy.

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