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PRACTICAL PYTHON: Learn Python for the real world!


RACTICAL PYTHON: Learn Python for the real world!


PRACTICAL PYTHON: Learn Python for the real world! How to learn to program in Python by doing practical exercises and creating real applications using Python.

What you'll learn

  • Aprende Python haciendo ejercicios, realizando programas y aplicaciones reales que puedes usar en tu día a día.
  • Aprende a crear programas en Python que pueden ayudarte a entender mejor como funciona ese lenguaje de programación
  • Aprende Python desarrollando proyectos y aplicaciones que te serán útiles en tu carrera profesional


  • Learn to program in Python by doing exercises, creating applications and projects that can be used in the real world. This is a practical Python course based on creating real projects and applications that you can use in your day to day.
  • This Python course is recommended for people who already have a basic / intermediate knowledge of Python! If you do NOT have a basic level of Python, this course is NOT for you! If you already have a basic level of Python, then YES you will be able to take advantage of this course and understand the applications that are developed throughout the course, because this course is mostly practical based on the creation of real projects and applications. Despite the fact that there are some theoretical parts in the course, the course is mostly practical. The main advantage of this course is that exercises are carried out, applications and real projects are created ... Therefore, the best way to learn to program is by creating projects and applications.
  • So, if you are looking to apply your knowledge of Python by creating applications and programs in Python, in this course you have, in an outlined way, a series of videos that will help you to consolidate your knowledge of Python a little more by creating a series of exercises , real programs and applications using the powerful Python language! Create simple, intermediate and slightly more advanced programs and improve your knowledge of Python! Learn to program in Python in a real way, creating interesting programs and applications! With Python you can create all kinds of applications ...
  • In this course we focus on creating simple games with Python, we develop some interesting algorithms to put your problem solving skills into practice, we create some Graphical User Interfaces (GUI), we create graphical representations, we explain how to manipulate video and speech with Python , we introduce you to the powerful Django Framework and much more ... In this course you will learn Python with exercises and real applications.

Some of the many topics covered in the course:

✅ Development of algorithms with numbers
✅ Creating repeating patterns
✅ Creation of measurement converters
✅ More complex algorithms in Python
✅ Data capture and extraction
✅ Text / phrase manipulation
✅ Speech Recognition
✅ Voice recording
✅ Creation of GUI (Graphical Interfaces) with Tkinter
✅ Python Application Development for Engineers
✅ Google searches with Python
✅ File control and manipulation with Python
✅ File filtering
✅ Development of simple games to practice programming logic
✅ Development of graphs and panels
✅ Video manipulation
✅ Django for beginners

This course is constantly updated ... We are always adding new videos! You can check the ChangeLog file (in the first section of the course) to see the changes that the course is undergoing! And also, any suggestion or constructive criticism that you have related to the course will always be well received. There is a great effort in the creation of these videos and we always try to improve, seeking to achieve excellence in the process of developing these online training materials! I hope you like it!

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