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Programming in R for Data Science from A to Z


Programming in R for Data Science from A to Z


Programming in R for Data Science from A to Z Interested in Data? Learn to do Data Science and Machine Learning with the R language without pre-requisites!

What you'll learn

  • Using Rstudio
  • Program in R
  • Retrieve data and load it into R
  • Know the data structures in R (vectors, matrices, ...)
  • Efficiently manipulate data with dplyr
  • Explore and visualize data with ggplot2
  • Using R to do Data Science
  • Use machine learning algorithms
  • Do Data Mining


  • Un ordinateur
  • Une connexion internet pour installer les outils et récupérer des jeux de données
  • Aucunes connaissances requises en programmation, je pars du début !


This course is dedicated to learning R programming applied to Data Science. If you want to learn to code, learn to manipulate data or both, then do not hesitate, this course is a concentrate of all that!

This 8-hour course will initially allow you to acquire the necessary tools to code in R and do Data Science. Then he will go on to the theoretical part of programming in R, with exercises at each step, in order to understand the theory by practicing. Thirdly, you will learn to manipulate and explore / visualize data efficiently. Finally, a practical case of Data Science will take up all these concepts to apply them to real data in addition to teaching you how to apply Machine Learning algorithms on your data.

At the end of this course, you will be able to retrieve a dataset that interests you and analyze it from A to Z to extract the information that interests you.

I hope you enjoy this course, I will add more practical cases as I go to make it even more complete than it already is. The goal of this Data Science course is really to teach you to program in R, to make you practice in order to become totally autonomous to analyze all the datasets that interests you. And I intend to help you every step of the way to achieve this goal!

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