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Python Developer | Complete course 2021

Python Developer | Complete course 2021

Python Developer | Complete course 2021 Learn programming by starting from zero, and create powerful projects with Python : Web, Mobile, Games, Desktop


What you'll learn

  • Learn programming by starting from the very beginning
  • Get solid programming skills in Python
  • Exploit all the power of Python through several projects
  • Quickly learn the Web development from scratch : HTML & CSS
  • Learn to create Full-Stack web applications with DJango
  • Create you own professional website to show your new skills and portfolio
  • Learn to create Mobile iOS and Android applications
  • Learn how to create desktop applications with a user interface (Windows and Mac)
  • Know how to develop any kind of project with Python
  • Develop powerful and optimised algorithms
  • Share the same source code do develop on every platform : Windows, Mac, iOS, Android


You want to become a developer and learn programming even if you are a total beginner ?

This complete course "Python Developer" will allow you to :

  • - Learn programming, even if you don't have any previous knowledge about it.
  • - Get solid programming skills with the Python language
  • - Learn object-oriented programming
  • - Know how to develop your own programs with your own algorithms
  • - Be able to create any kind of projects : Desktop applications, Web, Mobile (iOS and Android), Games.

This course is different :

Most of the other courses just teach you the basics and that's all.

Here we will go further by doing complete and professional projects :

  1. - Learn to create games with the GALAXY project : 2.5D anti-gravity game that you will be able to deploy on your iOS or Android Phone.
  2. - Create an ultimate BeatBox with the MR BEAT project : Realtime audio, mixing, optimisations... this project will give you a big boost in your development skills. You will be able to choose your own sounds and to create any kind of rhythms.
  3. - EXCLUSIVITY : Develop a "complete system", with the "Pizza" project : Web server, database, REST API, mobile & desktop apps => ALL CONNECTED !

Boost your career :

You will also learn Web development, with HTML and CSS languages. You will be able to create websites that can adapt to every screen sizes (Desktop, mobile and tablet) : that's what we call the "responsive design".

We will also create you very own professional website, with a modern and pro design :

  1. - Display your new skills
  2. - Create your online portfolio (with the "super-projects" of this course)
  3. - Publish your website with a custom domain name (example: your-name . com)

Mandatory if you are looking for a developer job or freelance clients.

A true 5 in 1 bundle :

  • You only need one course : this one.
  • Other courses will up-sell you other modules, and you will need to try to assemble the pieces of the puzzle together...

Here you get everything at once :

1 - Learn python (Beginner level)

2 - Python Intermediate and Advanced

3 - Web development : HTML and CSS

4 - Complete web applications with DJANGO

5 - Desktop & mobile Apps

The benefits ?

  • We will connect every parts of this course, in a consistent way. We will assemble all the parts of the puzzle, this is unique.
  • We will develop a web server, with its online database (SQL), and an admin area (HTML, CSS, PYTHON, DJANGO).
  • Then we will develop a REST API (HTTP, JSON), so we can develop Desktop & Mobile applications on top (WINDOWS, MAC, iOS, Android), that will be able to connect to the server to ask for data.
  • Everything is connected : if you change any data in the server, everything is automatically updated, on the web site, and on the mobile and desktop apps.
  • We will develop this complete system together from A to Z.
  • The possibilities are endless. And it will be possible for you to reuse that structure for your own powerful WEB/DESKTOP/MOBILE projects.

Share the same source code between platforms :

  • I will guide you to make the right technologic choices : the ones that bring the most significant results in no time.
  • With one single language (Python), we will create Desktop and Mobile apps, by sharing the same source code !
  • Windows, Mac, iOS and Android => Divide your development time by 4.
  • I will show you how to deploy your apps on your iOS / Android Phone or tablet.

Prerequisite :

  • No prerequisite is required : This course is adapted to any person who wants to learn about programming, or to improve its skills.
  • You need to use a PC or MAC (I show both versions on the videos), and an internet connection.
  • --

Are you ready to start ?

See you inside the course !

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