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The Ultimate Guide to Google Data Studio 2021


The Ultimate Guide to Google Data Studio 2021


The Ultimate Guide to Google Data Studio 2021 Learn how to analyse your data and create stunning interactive dashboards with Google's Business Intelligence tool

What you'll learn

  • Taught by a Business Intelligence pro with over 25 years' experience working with data
  • Build stunning, automated, interactive dashboards and reports that effectively communicate your data
  • Learn how to manage, structure, prepare and connect to data for analysis
  • Construct all kinds of data queries and visualisations, from basic to advanced
  • Write custom calculated formulas using functions to dig deeper into your data
  • Learn how to master every chart, graph and table type that Google provides
  • Manipulate the results of queries to compare and correlate KPIs
  • Add conditional formatting to make your data stand out and easier to read
  • Apply filters and sorting to really hone in on the data you want to present
  • Work with date fields and apply comparison periods for trend analysis


  • Access to a computer with a web browser
  • Internet connection
  • No experience working with data or analytics tools necessary
  • A Google account


***** Enrol now in the most comprehensive and up to date (September 2020) course available for the Google Data Studio platform! Learn how to turn your data into stunning dashboards that provide valuable insights! *****

Your Instructor

  • This course is taught by a Business Intelligence professional with over 25 years' experience of working with data and teaching beginners how to use data analysis tools. His career has seen him work in the UK (London), France (Montpellier) and the US (San Francisco).
  • He's worked on projects for some of the biggest brands on the planet and is a data visualisation expert with a sizeable online following.

What You'll Learn

In this course you'll learn everything you need to become highly proficient in using Google Data Studio. Including how to:

  • Manage, structure, prepare and connect to your data
  • Build complex data queries and manipulate query results
  • Create interactive data visualisations that professionally present your data
  • Write custom formulas to dig deeper into your data
  • Build stunning automated, interactive dashboards and reports that communicate your data effectively

A Lean, Mean Learning Machine!

  • Throughout the over 70 lessons of on-demand video, you’ll learn not only how to master Google Data Studio but you’ll also get a very solid foundation in Business Intelligence as a whole.
  • There are fun and challenging practical activities for every chapter to test yourself and put into practice everything you learn .
  • Over 50 pages of course notes as well as downloadable datasets to help facilitate your learning experience.
  • The course is 100% scripted word-for-word and beautifully edited to make sure that you're maximising you're learning time. No more "ums" and "ers", waiting for things to load or "sorry, let me just type that again". This course is a lean mean learning machine!
  • The course follow a simple, methodical structure that teaches you what you need to know only when you need to know it, to avoid overloading you with unnecessary information at the wrong time. And everything is taught with as much context as possible using concrete examples and real use cases.
  • As Google Data Studio is constantly being updated, so is this course to make sure that you'll always be up to date with the latest functionalities!
  • You're taught by an instructor who excels at making complex concepts easy to understand. The course is set up in such a way as to not overload you with information at any one time and teach you what you need to know only when you need to know it.

Why Learn Google Data Studio?

  • Knowing how to use Excel is all well and good, most people do. But, in today's data-driven world, it’s not just all about Excel, data is everywhere! Online and off.
  • Being able to go beyond Excel and produce automated interactive reports containing data from different sources is what brings the real value. Helping you to make smarter business decisions and stay ahead of the game.
  • The Ultimate Guide to Google Data Studio 2021 is a great place to start your Business Intelligence (the process of turning data into insights) journey. This course has been designed and built to help you to go beyond Excel and harness the power of your data. To create stunning automated and interactive dashboards that will provide the precious insights that companies love!

What are you waiting for?

  • There’s never been a better time to add a skill like Business Intelligence to your toolbox and Google Data Studio is the perfect tool to get started. So check out the free preview and get enrolled! You've got nothing to lose and everything to gain!
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