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100 Python Exercises II: Evaluate and Improve Your Skills


100 Python Exercises II: Evaluate and Improve Your Skills


100 Python Exercises II: Evaluate and Improve Your Skills Another 100 set of Python exercises for beginners who want to solidify their Python skills! Exercise solutions included!

What you'll learn

  • Learn Python 3 by solving Python problems on your own
  • Solve data structures and algorithm exercises to help on your data science journey
  • Create 50+different functions
  • Learn the basics of Python classes
  • Read, write, and extract information from files
  • Extract data from text
  • Optimize your code in terms of processing speed and memory efficiency
  • Introspect your code
  • Learn Python tricks


  • To make the best of this course you should be familiar with Python basics: loops, conditionals, functions, and datatypes.


  • Inspired by the students' feedback on the other similar course, "100 Python Exercises: Evaluate and Improve Your Skills," from the same author, this course contains another set of 100 brand new Python exercises for exercise lovers. This time the style is different because the students can solve the exercises directly on the Udemy interactive exercise without leaving their browser.
  • If you believe a programming language can only be learned only by doing, then you should take this course. Never did anyone became a programmer by just watching videos anyway. That is because your brain hardly learns anything when it's not in problem-solving mode. When you put your mind in problem-solving mode, your mind will devour every piece of information it finds to solve the given problem. Therefore, if you want to learn Python programming, your only way is to sit and solve Python problems independently. That is what this course is all about.
  • The exercises range from absolute beginner to expert level. Apart from the exercises, you will also find timed exams that will rigorously test the knowledge you gained. The exercises cover different Python areas, such as functions, data structures and algorithms, files, classes, code introspection, code optimization, and more. The section on data structures and algorithms is the biggest one, and it's beneficial for those interested in data science. You can write and run the code directly on the Udemy interface using your browser and get the answer instantly.
  • The course assumes you have some basic knowledge of Python, so if you know loops, functions, conditionals, and datatypes, then this course is for you. If you don't know Python, you can still take the course, but you will have difficulty solving the exercises. If you think you're ready to learn Python by challenging yourself, this program was carefully designed just for you. Python is both fun and extremely useful. Don't miss the chance to learn it.
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