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Azure Migrate: Discover, Assess, Migrate & A to Z Demo


Azure Migrate: Discover, Assess, Migrate & A to Z Demo


Azure Migrate: Discover, Assess, Migrate & A to Z Demo Full journey, using Azure migrate tools & services. Discovery, Assessment, Migration, Post migration and Cost Estimation
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What you'll learn

  • Migrate Any Source Environment to Microsoft Azure Cloud
  • Azure Migrate and Migration Services and Tools
  • Azure Migration Concepts and Processes
  • Use Azure Migrate Tools to Discover the Source Environment Servers
  • Use Azure Migrate Tools to understand the Readiness of The Source Servers to Be Migrated to Azure
  • Visualize & Study the Dependencies Between the Source Servers to Prioritize the Migration in Groups
  • Assess and Migrate Databases to Azure Using Azure Migrate Tools
  • Use Azure Migrate Tools to Perform Server Replication and Migration to Azure Cloud
  • Post Migration Actions and Recommendations
  • Azure Cloud Adaption Framework for Migration


  • Basic knowledge of Azure resources: Azure compute, network and Storage
  • Basic knowledge of Virtualization concepts: what is VM, Hyper-V, VMware


Learn how to design a migration strategy for on-premises environments to Azure, including the migration of virtual and physical services as well as databases. Including an A to Z migration of a 3 tiers application to Azure Cloud, firsthand project demonstration so you can see how to implement an actual migration from scratch.

At the end of this course you will be better able to design the migration of various workloads to Microsoft Azure as well as determining the cost of hosting migrated workloads in Azure.

Who this course is for:

  • One who has the basic theory part of the Azure Cloud and wants to gain actual experience in dealing with Azure Migration Projects to plan, lead and execute a full migration to Azure Cloud
  • Azure Certified people who wants to learn more by taking things to the next level and try to look at things from a different perspective: Experience over Theory
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