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Excel Magic 3 - Automating Data Entry with Data Feeds

Excel Magic 3 - Automating Data Entry with Data Feeds  


Excel Magic 3 - Automating Data Entry with Data Feeds How to reduce manual data entry, or even eliminate it?

What you'll learn

  • Intermediate to Advanced Excel skills that will help you
  • - to ace your Excel skills,
  • - to find state-of-the art Excel functions,
  • - to make yourself the go-to-person in their office, or
  • - to be well positioned for your next promotion!


  • Basic Excel

Example: be able to open one Excel file and connect to external data files, etc.


The course is presented in three parts.

First, the course introduces the concept of automatically connecting to the external data sources with latest technologies, in order to saving time by avoiding manual data entry as much as possible.

Next, the course raises 4 areas where data entry can be automated. They are when:

  • o Source is PDF files
  • o Source is Online Tables
  • o Source is Banking Statements
  • o Source is Accounting Software

Last, we demonstrate how to connect to external data so as to obtain the real-time update of data – all without typing. They include:

  • o Converting PDF files to Excel files
  • o Connecting to online data
  • o Converting data using Excel formulas
  • o Integrating with accounting system data

Who this course is for:

  • Students (Secondary or post secondary), Office workers, Professionals, and Managers

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