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Full SQL Course - Applied to the Job Market


Full SQL Course - Applied to the Job Market


Complete SQL Course - Applied to the Job Market Learn how to use SQL to make queries, analyzes and everything you need in the database

What you'll learn

  • Learn from basic to advanced, everything you need to know about SQL
  • Stand out because of your SQL knowledge
  • Create Queries, Search for Information, Filter Data and Use Database for whatever you need
  • Build your own reports by pulling information from databases with SQL in a simple and effective way
  • Learn SQL and Everything you need to know about Databases to use in the Job Market
  • Learn how Databases, Tables, Keys and all the knowledge base you need to work with Databases
  • Learn SQL to use whatever you want, in your challenges and gain a huge advantage


  • A computer to accompany and exercise throughout the course, we teach you everything else!
    • No previous knowledge in Database or SQL is necessary, everything you need we will teach you.


    The Complete SQL Course, from basic to advanced video lessons step by step. Here you will learn the main tools and commands used in SQL to not only make queries and pull information, but also to be able to analyze thousands of data in a simple way, filter, apply conditions, group data, join information from several different sources and tables, update information and much, much more.
    • In this course we will focus 100% on what is applied to the Job Market in SQL. We will not work with the database creation part that only database administrators will do, but we will focus on what you will use in the daily job market, starting from absolute zero to the advanced level.
    • Let's start from scratch, from installing SQL on your computer and taking you step by step to the advanced level, teaching you all the tools you need to use the full potential of SQL to create analyzes, queries, pull information, tables, databases data, reports and everything you need from any SQL database.
    • This course is 100% practical, which means that you will be applying and exercising all the time in each class, so you can learn how to do exactly what we developed in the course on your computer and in any case you have to solve in your professional life. .
    • SQL is one of the most important tools in the job market and if you want to stand out, this can be a great differentiator in your career.

    Any questions just talk and see you in class
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