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SQL Server : The complete bootcamp (10 hours of class)


SQL Server : The complete bootcamp (10 hours of class) 


SQL Server : The complete bootcamp (10 hours of class) Become an expert on SQL Server 2019 by following this complete guide , with more than 50 practical exercises !

What you'll learn

  • + 50 exercises are in this course to consolidate your knowledge!
  • Learn the SQL language from A to Z (5 hours of lessons).
  • To administer an SQL server ( 5 hours of lessons ).
  • In short, become a real expert on SQL server (and that's very much in demand).


  • Have a great desire to learn, and a computer in great shape
  • The installation of Management Studio and SQL server are explained in this course.


⚡⚡ If you want to benefit from this course at a price of 10 euros, send me an email to, I will send you the discount coupon within the day ⚡⚡

⭐️ Become (really) an expert on SQL Server, through this 10-hour Masterclass course! ⭐️

⭐️ There will be many new sections added in 2021, of course if you have already purchased this course, these new modules will be free for you. ⭐️

✔ This course will have an estimated duration of between 30 and 40 hours once completed.

✔ I challenge you to find another e-learning course, in english, which lasts 10 hours and covers these 2 themes:

✏ 1st chapter : Transact SQL for the absolute beginner (6 hours of class):

  • Install SQL Server and management studio on your workstation.
  • The creation and definition of a database
  • The creation and definition of a table
  • Let's start playing with data with SELECT,UPDATE,INSERT and DELETE
  • Discover the column aliases and tackle the specificity and secrets of LIKE.
  • Do you know the usefulness of the TOP ?
  • Learn how to remove duplicates with the DISTINCT and discover the Comparison operators = != and so on

        Copying a table with the SELECT INTO.

  • Let's talk about the IN, NOT IN, IS and IS NOT operators, and Sort your data with ORDER BY.
  • Discover aggregate functions with MIN MAX and AVG and the two operators AND,OR.
  • Let's discover the specificities of COUNT and SUM and how to SELECT a range of data with the BETWEEN
  • Group several results with the GROUP BY
  • The creation and definition of a view.
  • The creation and definition of a Stored Procedure.
  • The creation and definition of a trigger.
  • Creating and defining a function.

✏ Here are the sections that will arrive in 2021:

  • A very long chapter on RANKING functions such as ROW_NUMBER, OVER and PARTITION BY, ROWS /RANGE UNBOUNDED PRECEDING, FIRST and LAST VALUES, LAG and LEAD etc...
  • Conversion functions with TRY CAST and TRY CONVERT, then TRY PARSE and PARSE.
  • We will discover a one hour course on CTE (common table expression). So powerful and so little known (I still don't understand by the way).
  • How to write a Subquery ?
  • Of course there are many exercises and corrections in this course.

✏  2nd chapter : The complete administration of a SQL Server (5 hours of course) :

⭐️ This section brings together two of my courses on the Udemy platform which are :

➕ SQL server : Detecting and repairing corruption on a database

➕ SQL server : The complete course about BACKUP and RESTORE.

✔ The first chapter will talk about BACKUP and RESTORE, we will discuss the :

  • How to make very simply a BACKUP and a RESTORE.
  • Discuss the BACKUP LOGS and DIFFERENTIAL BACKUP, and why it is absolutely necessary to implement them in your BACKUP strategy.
  • Understand the interest of the WITH INIT in a BACKUP, and learn how to make a restoration in time with the WITH STOPAT option.
  • And finally, we will see the different full recovery model on a database(FULL,SIMPLE and BULKED LOGGUED), and why this is (very) important for our BACKUPs.

    The performance when doing a BACKUP on several files.

  • Avoiding corruption on BACKUPs with the CHECKSUM, and understanding the importance of BACKUP WITH COPY ONLY, to avoid breaking the BACKUP chain during the day.
  • To discover that you can make a RESTORE of a page, or from a LSN, to avoid losing hours of RESTORE, in case of server crash.
  • Recover unsaved logs, in case of server crash, with the power of the TAIL LOG BACKUP.
  • We will discuss the BACKUP WITH COMPRESSION, to save disk space, which can be significant, and the simultaneous copy of BACKUP with the WITH MIRROR option.
  • We will also see how to restore system databases (Master, MSDB, model, TEMPDB).
  • The RESTORE WITH STANDBY, which allows to examine the data between each RESTORE.
  • And to finish, we will see how to make a RESTORE from a SNAPSHOT, see the necessary rights, to make BACKUP, how to consult BACKUP metadata.

⭐️ The second chapter will talk about corruption on SQL Server :

✔ Database corruption happens all the time, all over the world !!

When it happens in your environment, do you know what to do?

✅ This 2-hour course will show you what you need to know to detect and repair most cases of database corruption.

✅ The course begins by explaining why early detection of corruption is so important, and then examines the different causes of database corruption.

✅ You will learn how to configure SQL Server to automatically detect when I/O errors occur.

✅ You'll learn how to configure SQL Server to automatically detect when I/O errors occur, what consistency checks are, the DBCC commands to use to perform consistency checks, and how to configure SQL Server to perform consistency checks regularly.

✔The training in detail:

  • What are common causes of corruption?
  • How to check data consistency?
  • How to repair in case of corruption?
  • What to do in case of log corruption?

✏ Here are the sections that will arrive in 2021:

  • Configuration and modification on a database (2 hours of class)
  • How to set up your security on your SQL Server ? (2 hours of class)
  • A long course about the impl√©mentation of indexing ((4 hours of class)
  • How to administer your SQL server with powershell? (3 hours of class)
  • Improve the performance of stored procedures  (2 hours of class)
  • Let's go together on SQL Azure ! (3 hours of class)
  • Of course there are more than 100 exercises and corrections in this course.

✔ Why start SQL administration?

✅ SQL Server is one of the skills very actively sought after on the job market.

✅ Administering an SQL server today is ensuring that you have a full-time job.

✅ Moreover, SQL Server, because of its simplicity, allows you to quickly become competent in very specific areas.

✅ Following this course will help you to stand out technically from your colleagues, or during a job interview, I guarantee it.

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