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Statistics with R: Programming in R for Data Science

Statistics with R: Programming in R for Data Science

Statistics with R: Programming in R for Data Science Master the basics of writing R code R Programming for Data Science & Data Analysis. Applying R for Statistics and Data Visualization with GGplot2 in RNew

What you'll learn

  • Work with vectors, matrices and lists
  • Work with strings
  • Build their own functions


  • No special prerequisite - you should only know how to use a computer


R is among the most widely used tools for statistical programming.  Powerful, highly versatile and free, R is heavily used by data analysts working in both industry and academia.  This course will help you master the basics of R and is meant for beginners, so no prior knowledge of R is needed.

This course contains 8 video lectures in 2 sections.

  • In the first section of this course you will learn how to import an Excel dataset into R. Moreover, you will learn some of the variable types in R (Character, Double, Integer and Boolean). We will also discuss some of the measures of central tendency (Mean, Median and Mode) and dispersion (Range, Variance, Standard Deviation, MAD).
  • The second section will be dedicated to generating and displaying data in R. You will learn generate data coming out of a normal and uniform distribution and how to plot a histogram.
  • After finishing with generating and displaying data we will dive into the programming structures in R. In this section you’ll learn about loops and functions.
  • So if you want to learn R from scratch, enroll now and begin your R programming journey!

Who is course good for:

  • Students
  • Academic researchers
  • Future data scientists
  • Anyone who wants to learn R

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to master R
  • Students

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