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Tableau for Data Science with R & Python Integration

Tableau for Data Science with R & Python Integration

Tableau for Data Science with R & Python Integration Master Data Visualization and Improve Your Data Science Skills with Tableau Desktop integrated with R and Python

What you'll learn

  • Creating interactive dashboards
  • Statistics for data science
  • Integrating R into Tableau
  • Integrating Python into Tableau


  • I will be teaching you Tableau Desktop Windows version. The Tableau versions I am using in this course is 10.5 and 2018.1.3, you can take this course and learn Tableau even if you have previous versions of Tableau available.
  • You will need basic computer skills. By basic, I mean really basic. You were able to find this course and already reading this section, so you are already qualified.
  • Internet connection (Funny?)
  • Enthusiasm
  • If you want to learn integrating R into Tableau, then R knowledge and installation. If not, you can skip that section in the course.
  • Same approach for Python, if you want to learn using Python in Tableau, you should know Python programming already, and Python should be installed into your computer. If not, you can skip this section in the course.


Learn data visualization and improve your data science skills through Tableau Desktop with R & Python integration.

This course helps you master Tableau Desktop software quickly and easily. Using real open source data, you will become technically fluent in using Tableau, the leading data visualization software on the market.

What I will teach you here is what I have been doing at work on a daily basis.

  • You'll learn a lot of features in Tableau that allow you to explore, prepare, analyze data and present results professionally. Also, you will learn how to boost up your data analysis power, integrating R and Python into Tableau.
  • If you don't know R or Python programming, you can skip those sections in the course. Since this is not an R or Python course, I will not be teaching you these languages. If you already know R or Python and they are installed into your computer, you will learn how to integrate these languages into Tableau to start creating magic.
  • Statistics for Data Science section in the course, will help you understand statistics concepts in an intuitive way.
  • It is aimed at anyone who wants to be able to use this award winning product to analyze and visualize data - both experts and non-experts.
  • Content will be updated based on the requests I will get as feedback to this course. Currently Tableau version 10.5 and 2018.1.3 are being used in this course.
  • I am sure this course will give you the knowledge and confidence to be able to use Tableau Desktop in your projects and create some amazing and insightful data visualizations and dashboards.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who has never used Tableau before and wants to learn.
  • Anyone who is using already Tableau and want to learn advanced functionalities of it.
  • Current Tableau users who want to advance with their analysis abilities integrating R and Python into Tableau

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