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The Simplest Guide™ to Clinical Data Analysis with SAS

The Simplest Guide™ to Clinical Data Analysis with SAS

The Simplest Guide™ to Clinical Data Analysis with SAS Step into the world of Pharmaceutical industry |Clinical Trials |Clinical Research |Biostatistics |Data Management| SAS

What you'll learn

  • As the world awaits the cure/ vaccine for COVID-19, understand the whole process of clinical drug development and why it takes so much time to develop a drug
  • Get introduced to the Life Science/ Pharmaceutical industry in simple, visual pictures
  • Learn the fundamental concepts of Clinical Drug Development / Clinical Trials processes
  • Understand the various Phases of Clinical Trials in the context of SAS programming
  • Get introduced to the various clinical study documents like Protocol, Statistical Analysis Plan etc.
  • Understand raw data and how it is collected, stored, analysed and reported
  • Work hands-on with sample study data that you will import, prepare, restructure and visualize
  • Generate an actual Clinical Study Reports from the derived data you will create
  • See for yourself how SAS programming is an integral part of putting a drug into the market


  • Basic SAS Programming
  • No prior Pharmaceutical experience is necessary
  • Internet connectivity for working in the SAS University Edition


  • This course gives an introduction to the Pharmaceutical/ Life Science industry in a simple and visual style that is easy to understand. It shows how SAS is used as a tool to work with the vast amount of clinical data within this industry. The course takes you through an example clinical study sample data, and generate various Clinical Study Reports that are submitted to the FDA (in the US) or other regulatory authorities in other countries. You will not only hone your SAS programming skills but will also learn essential concepts needed to work in the Pharma industry in the areas of Biostatistics and Clinical Data Management.
  • After the introduction to the pharma industry and learning relevant concepts about Clinical Trials, the course takes you through a hands-on training exercise to build the very important and fundamental Clinical Study Report called the Demographics Table.
  • You will begin with a sample clinical study data in an Excel sheet, then you will import it into SAS, derive all necessary variables as shown in the mock table, and finally generate a clinical study report. All this will be done using guided SAS Programming steps with detailed explanations at every step of programming. At the end of this course, you will have learnt to work with Clinical Study Data, generate a real Clinical Study Report, and extend those steps to build other reports that constitute Clinical Trial submissions to the regulatory bodies.
  • Prerequisites: You will need basic SAS programming knowledge to work with code discussed in this course. You can take my course on SAS programming ("The Simplest Guide to SAS Programming") available on Udemy.

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