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Visual Analytics with Tableau Desktop 2020.3

Visual Analytics with Tableau Desktop 2020.3


In this 'Visual Analytics with Tableau Desktop 2020.3' course, we will learn how to leverage Tableau Desktop to access interactive insights from anywhere. New

What you'll learn

  • Anybody who is taking Data visualization course with Tableau 2019 will be able to solve a complex data visualization business questions
  • This course will help you to build basics with hands-ons
  • Advanced topics will help students to become expert in data visualization


  • Basic knowledge of Data ETL will definitely a plus point
  • Tableau desktop application is required for hands-on


Introduction to Data Analytics on Amazon AWS Cloud

In this 'Visual Analytics with Tableau Desktop 2020.3' course, we will learn how to leverage Tableau Desktop to access interactive insights from anywhere. This course will help to familiarize you with the features of Tableau Desktop and the advanced capabilities.

Desktop explorers will be able to create workbooks and advanced views, complex dashboards, and data sources in Tableau Desktop.

In this course we will explore:

1. Understanding Tableau Concepts

• Dimensions and measures • Explain what kind of information dimensions usually contain • Explain what kind of information measures usually contain • Discrete and continuous fields • Explain how discrete fields are displayed in Tableau • Explain how continuous fields are displayed in Tableau • Explain the difference between discrete date parts and continuous date values in Tableau • Aggregation • Explain why Tableau aggregates measures • Describe how an aggregated measure changes when dimensions are added to the view

2. Connecting to & Preparing Data

• Create and save data connections • Create a live connection to a data source • Explain the differences between using live connections versus extracts • Create an extract • Save metadata properties in a . TDS • Modify data connections • Add a join • Add a blend • Add a union • Manage data properties • Rename a data field • Assign an alias to a data value • Assign a geographic role to a data field • Change data type for a data field (number, date, String, Boolean, etc.) • Change default properties for a data field (number format, aggregation, color, date format, etc.)

3. Exploring & Analyzing Data

• Create basic charts • Create a bar chart • Create a line chart • Create a scatterplot • Create a map using geographic data • Create a combined axis chart • Create a dual-axis chart • Create a stacked bar • Create a chart to show specific values (crosstab, highlight table) • Organize data and apply filters • Create a visual group • Create a group using labels • Create a set • Organize dimensions into a hierarchy

4. Sharing Insights

• Format view for presentation • Use color • Use bolding • Use shapes • Use viz animations • Change size of marks • Select fonts • Create and modify a dashboard • Create a dashboard layout • Add interactive or explanatory elements • Add dashboard actions • Modify existing dashboard layout for mobile devices • Create a story using dashboards or views • Share a twbx as a PDF • Share a twbx as an image

When learning, learn the latest.

  • This course is compatible with Tableau Desktop version 10.0, the newest Tableau Desktop version available. You’re getting access to hot-off-the-press features.

There’s no better time to learn Tableau Desktop.

  • According to the 2018 Gartner's report for BI and Analytics, Tableau is in the leader quadrant. This means more jobs opportunity and stable career growth for you.

You might get stuck. But I’m here to help.

  • There’s nothing worse than getting five hours into a course, getting stuck, and not getting the help you need to continue.
  • I’m in the Q&A every day to help you get unstuck. I reply to every question to get you back on track.
  • I guarantee this is the most engaging Tableau Desktop course available, and it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.
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