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2021 Machine Learning Regression Models

2021 Machine Learning Regression Models

2021 Machine Learning Regression Models Top 8 REGRESSION Models You Must Know in 2021

What you'll learn

  • Overview of Machine Learning Regression and its Applications
  • Data Pre-Processing - Normalization, Standardization, Discretization, Feature engineering
  • Run Linear Regression on a dummy data set and Kaggle data sets
  • Exploratory Data Analysis with visualizations
  • Put together a full machine learning Pipeline
  • The Linear Regression models showdown
  • Polynomial versus linear regression on real world data sets
  • Build Regression models using Artificial Neural Network Regression
  • The Non-Linear Regression showdown
  • Apply your new-found knowledge through the Capstone project
  • Download Jupyter files that contain live codes, simulations and visualizations that experts use.


  • Basic Python programming experience


Big Chunks of Data Will Take Over the World Soon, and There’s Nothing You Can Do About It!

But, I can tell you how to make a career out of it if you want to earn a lot of money in the future. So, don’t exit this page without reading what I am about to tell you.

Dear Digital Adventurer,

  • Datafication of lives and other things started when the internet was first created. Now, we’re nearing to the point where everything will be turned into digital information.
  • This is the reason many businesses are looking for experts to help them take advantage of this trend and position themselves as one of the leaders of their industry.
  • They do this by collecting information and using them as variables to predict possible problems and solutions that will help their business and customers.
  • If you’re someone who is looking for the next big thing after the IoT or cryptocurrency, then this is something you should look forward to.
  • Just like its predecessors, Datafication opens up a lot of opportunities…
  • Especially in the data science industry!
  • So, if you are a machine learning or deep learning developer, and you want to take it to the next level, then this is definitely for you!
  • So, what’s the next level?
  • I know this is your question…
  • You’ve always wondered what is the next step after learning the basics of machine learning and deep learning, right?
  • So, to answer this question…
  • The next step is to learn Regression Analysis Models!

If you’re unsure what this is, here’s a simple explanation:

  • Regression models consist of a set of machine learning methods that allow us to predict a continuous outcome variable based on the value of one or multiple predictor variables. Its goal is to build a mathematical equation that defines the dependent variable as a function of the predictor variables.
  • It means you’ll be dealing with numbers and a lot of data when using this model.
  • What does it do with the opportunities you mentioned earlier?
  • The answer: Everything.
  • You see, understanding the concepts of regression models and implementing them properly provides two major benefits in a business.
  • First, it helps the company predict the future demand for their products or services. This means they can adjust their processes accordingly to make sure they can provide the quality they’ve promised to their customers.
  • Second, it allows them to fine-tune their operations and improve the quality of their products and services.

So, why is this important for businesses?

  • The simple answer is it greatly affects the revenue they generate.
  • The better problems they solve, the more money that comes in.

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