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Customer analytics fundamentals

Customer analytics fundamentals Get Started Udemy

Customer analytics is among the most powerful enablers companies have for translating those signals into useful insights What you'll learn Explore what is customer analytics

  • Learn how customer analytics can help to retain customers
  • Understand the concept of customer life cycle
  • Analyse how CLV concept is used
  • Learn the key steps involved into setting up customer analytics framework


  • Basic knowledge of business would be beneficial


Customer Analytics for Businesses - Complete Crash Course

Companies in virtually every industry are feeling the heat from more discerning and often less loyal—consumers. Chalk it up to globalization, social media, economic uncertainty, or product commoditization, to name a few of the most challenging trends. Consumers are more informed, more demanding, more fickle, and more tuned in to one another’s opinions. Companies should have a more complete, intimate understanding of their customers to get them, grow them, and keep them. Customer analytics is among the most powerful enablers companies have for translating those signals into useful insights about their customers. Just as important, analytics helps to deliver customer insights directly to the people who need them most, in a format that makes it easy to understand and act on them.

This course is tailored to those who are new to data, eg. entrepreneurs, business professionals, managers and students who are interested to learn more about data and analytics. Since this is a fundamental course, we will not be using statistical tools like Python to perform the data analysis. So if you are an advanced level user with significant knowledge of data, this course may not be useful for you (you are welcome to check!)

This course talks about ins and outs of customer analytics by using real world examples. We will also provide guidance on what tools could be used for customer analytics to derive information and predict future strategy for business.


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