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Data Science for Beginners: Data Science Intro Course


Data Science for Beginners: Data Science Intro Course


A data science intro course. Data Science concepts, methodology, illustration of machine learning via chatbot, and more! What you'll learn Explanation of key concepts in data science: big data, data mining, libraries, datasets, API's

  • Programming languages and which ones to learn
  • Data Science Methodology, expressed via Healthcare Insurance Company Case Study
  • Experience The Power of Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing via Chatbot Example
  • GitHub; how to use it for collaboration and version control.


  • No. This is ideal for a beginner to Data Science.


Data Science Masterclass With R! 4 Projects+8 Case Studies

Welcome! If you see Data Science as a potential career in your future, this is the perfect course to get started with.

Our course does not require any previous Data Science experience. The goal of 'Data Science for Beginners' is to get you acquainted with Data Science methodology, data science concepts, programming languages, give you a peak into how machine learning works, and finally show you a data science tool like GitHub, which lets you collaborate with your colleagues.

Now, while this is a beginner course,  it does not mean that it is an easy course. For example in the Data Science methodology section, many different concepts are introduced. But please keep in mind that a. you will get concrete examples of what each concept means when it is brought up b. you can ask questions in the Q and A and c. most importantly, you are not meant to understand all the concepts .  Going through the methodology is meant to introduce you to concepts, not prepare you to fully apply them. You will get a chance to do this in other courses (ours or other providers).

Beyond this, you will get to build a simple chatbot. This hands-on activity will illustrate in a more interactive way how machine learning works and how you can provide a machine learning service such as this in your future career.

More practical/hands-on activities will be added by January 25th, 2021.

So, don't hesitate. Start your Data Science learning journey today!

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners to Data Science.
  • Individuals considering switching fields.
  • Individuals who want to get a general overview before focusing on specific Data Science topics.

 Data Science for Beginners: Data Science Intro Course | Udemy

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