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Machine Learning, Business analytics with R Programming & Py

Machine Learning, Business analytics with R Programming & Py

Machine Learning, Business analytics with R Programming & Py Machine learning, data science & business analytics with R & Python. Build models with rstudio, jupyter notebook & keras

What you'll learn

  • Machine learning & Data science with R & Python
  • Fundamentals of Machine learning
  • Data science
  • Deep learning models
  • Image recognition
  • Keras
  • R programming
  • Anaconda distribution & jupyter notebook
  • Numpy & pandas
  • Multi-layer perceptron
  • Data visualization with pandas, seaborn & matplotlib
  • Data visualization with base R & libraries like ggplot2, lattice, scatter3d plot & more
  • Applied statistics for machine learning covering important topics like standard error, variance, p value, t-test etc.
  • Machine learning models like Neural network, linear regression, logistic regression & more.
  • Handle advance concepts like dimension reduction & data reduction techniques with PCA & K-Means
  • Classification & Regression Tree with Random Forest machine learning model
  • Real life projects to help you understand industry application
  • Tips & Tools to create your online portfolio to promote your skills
  • Tutorial on job searching strategy to find appropriate jobs in machine learning, data science or any other industry.
  • Learn business analytics


  • Laptop/desktop/phone with internet connection
  • Desire to learn machine learning & data science


Learn complete Machine learning, Deep learning, business analytics & Data Science with R & Python covering applied statistics, R programming, data visualization & machine learning models like pca, neural network, CART, Logistic regression & more.

You will build models using real data and learn how to handle machine learning and deep learning projects like image recognition.

You will have lots of projects, code files, assignments and we will use R programming language as well as python.

Release notes- 01 March

Deep learning with Image recognition & Keras

  • Fundamentals of deep learning
  • Methodology of deep learning
  • Architecture of deep learning models
  • What is activation function & why we need them
  • Relu & Softmax activation function
  • Introduction to Keras
  • Build a Multi-layer perceptron model with Python & Keras for Image recognition

 Machine Learning, Business analytics with R Programming & Py | Udemy Course

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