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Oracle Cloud Infrastructure- Linux (Virtual Machine) Basics


Oracle Cloud Infrastructure- Linux (Virtual Machine) Basics


Oracle Cloud Infrastructure- Linux (Virtual Machine) Basics Learn Oracle cloud - Linux (VM) creation, commands, GUI, install application like Jupyter and Oracle EBS demo instance

What you'll learn

  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) - Understanding Key critical functionality & terminalogy
  • Provisioning of Cloud - Oracle Linux (Virtual Machine)environment and Access through SSH Putty
  • Learn Linux / Unix command line commands
  • Creating Linux GUI environment and accessing through VNC viewer
  • Installing & using Jupyter notebook (python) on Oracle Cloud infrastruture - Linux GUI environment
  • Installing Oracle EBS demo instance on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure - Linux Virtual Machine accessing through web browser


  • Access to free tier atleast free tier Oracle Cloud infrastruture (OCI)
  • Some programming & operating system command knowledge could be beneficial but not mandatory


This unique course covers critical and essential concept of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). To make understanding better there are demonstrations and Quiz as appropriate.

The topic of coverage includes the following.

  • Cloud vs On Prem analogy – For better understanding of cloud.
  • What’s Cloud & its characteristics
  • Getting in & accessing Oracle Cloud infrastructure.
  • Oracle cloud infrastructure – components.
  • Compute Engine – creation of Oracle Linux instance on VM (Virtual machine) and access.
  • Step by Step demonstration of creation of Linux instance and accessing it from Remote via putty.
  • Comman Command line commands in Linux / Unix
  • Computer Engine – Enabling the Oracle LINUX GUI and accessing through VNC.
  • Installation and access -Jupyter Notebook on cloud Oracle Linux (VM) & access.
  • Installation and access - Oracle EBS DEMO instance - it will be a paid service after the free service period

Learn about Oracle Cloud Infrastrucute (OCI) and Zoom up your career opportunities..

There are ample handson-demo to make understanding better.

Happy learning and exploring Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)

 Oracle Cloud Infrastructure- Linux (Virtual Machine) Basics | Udemy Course

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