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Tableau Desktop Training [2021 Edition]

Tableau Desktop Training [2021 Edition]


Learn the no.1 data visualization tool Tableau Desktop with practical sessions and become Desktop

What you'll learn

  • Comprehensive knowledge of the top visualization/BI tool Tableau
  • Prepare for Tableau Desktop Certified Professional
  • Connections to Multiple Data Sources
  • Filters and Tableau Filters hands-on
  • Tableau Operators
  • Bins, Groups, Sets, Parameters, Hierarchy
  • Basic Tableau Charts hands-on
  • Tableau Advanced Topics


  • Enthusiasm and determination to make your mark on the world!


Tableau is a modern-age data analytics and visualization tool used widely in the industry today. Many businesses even consider it indispensable for data analytics and data science related work.

   In essence, data analytics in tableau can be classified into two main categories:

  • Developer Tools: The Tableau tools that are used for development such as the creation of dashboards, charts, report generation, visualization fall into this category. The Tableau products, under this category, are the Tableau Desktop and the Tableau Public.
  • Sharing Tools: As the name suggests, the purpose of the tool is sharing the visualizations, reports, dashboards that were created using the developer tools. Products that fall into this category are Tableau Online, Server, and Reader.

With Tableau Desktop, you can connect to a variety of data sources and start visualizing data. It specializes in transforming boring tabulated data into eye-candy graphs and representations. With tableau desktop, you can enjoy real-time data analytics by directly connecting to data from your data warehouse.

Based on the connectivity to the data sources and publishing option, Tableau Desktop is classified into:

  • Tableau Desktop Professional: It is pretty much similar to Tableau Desktop. The difference is that the work created in the Tableau Desktop can be published online or in Tableau Server. Also, in Professional version, there is full access to all sorts of the datatype. It is best suitable for those who wish to publish their work in Tableau Server.
  • Uplatz provides this Tableau Desktop training course covering the main elements of Tableau Desktop software. In this Tableau training course, you will learn to develop visualizations from data models that use real-time data, build and publish interactive dashboards with Tableau, and gain exposure to a broad range of data sources, including big data frameworks. You will learn how to utilize self-service BI platforms to work with data analytics and gain access to critical business information.
  • This Tableau course is for anyone who works with data irrespective of your technical or analytical background. This course is designed to help you understand and use the important concepts and techniques in Tableau to move from simple to complex visualizations and learn how to combine them in interactive dashboards. Users can create and distribute interactive and shareable dashboards, that depict large volumes of data into easily readable graphs and charts.

Create visualizations and acquire the valuable skill of story telling by analyzing your data. This training will make you a highly proficient Tableau Analyst.

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