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2021 Python Data Analysis For Data Science &Machine Learning


2021 Python Data Analysis For Data Science &Machine Learning | Get Started Udemy Course

Learn Industry Level Data Cleaning, Data Preprocessing, And Advanced Feature Engineering. All You Need Is Covered!!

What you'll learn

  • Master Data Analysis With Python
  • Master Beginner To Advance Level Data Analytics Techniques
  • Learn The Latest Data Analytics Skills And Techniques In 2021
  • Master How To Deal With Messy Data(outliers, missing values, data imbalance, data leakage etc.)
  • Know How To Deal With Complex Data Cleaning Issues In Python
  • Learn Automated Modern Tools And Libraries For Professional Data Cleaning And Analysis
  • Get The Skill Needed To Be Part Of The Top 10% Data Analytics and Data Science
  • Learn The Best Ways To Prepare Your Data To Build Machine Learning Models
  • Master Different Techniques Of Dealing With Raw Data
  • Master The Art Of Visualisation And Data Story Telling



Interested in the field of Data Analytics, Business Analytics, Data Science or Machine Learning?

Do you want to know the best ways to clean data and derive useful insights from it?

Do you want to save time and easily perform Exploratory Data Analysis(EDA)?

Then this course is for you!!

According to Forbes: "60% of the Data Scientist's or Data Analyst's time is spent in cleaning and organising the data..."

In this course, you will not just get to know the industry level strategies but also I will practically demonstrate them for better understanding.

This course has been structured in the following form:

  • Introduction To Basic Concepts
  • Introduction To Data Analysis Tools
  • BONUS: Python Crush Course
  • How To Properly Deal With Python Data Types
  • How To Properly Deal With Date and Time In Python
  • How To Properly Deal With Missing Values
  • How To Properly Deal With Outliers
  • How To Properly Deal With Data Imbalance
  • How To Properly Deal With Data Leakage
  • How To Properly Deal With Categorical Values
  • Beginner To Advanced Data Visualisation
  • Different Feature Engineering Techniques including:
  • Feature Encoding
  • Feature Scaling
  • Feature Transformation
  • Feature Normalisation

    Automated Feature EDA Tools

  • pandas-profiling
  • Dora
  • Autoviz
  • Sweetviz

    Automated Feature Engineering

  • FeatureTools
  • FeatureSelector
  • Autofeat

    Web scraping

  • Wikipedia
  • online bookstore
  • Amazon .com

This course aims to help beginners, as well as an intermediate data analyst, students, business analyst, data science, and machine learning enthusiasts, master the foundations of confidently working with data in the real world.

 Complete Introduction to Methods of Data Analysis

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