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Cypress V6 + Frameworks + CI/CD + two React applications


Cypress V6 + Frameworks + CI/CD + two React applications

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 Cypress V6 + Frameworks + CI/CD + two React applications A full cypress course from scratch where i explain everything in a real life examples that runs locally in your machine

What you'll learn

  • Build a full automation framework using cypress
  • All cypress best practices in real examples
  • Build cypress test for two react applications
  • Set up the locators the way that cypress recommend
  • Testing APIs using cypress
  • Network spying and make validations
  • Network stubs and mock the data
  • Connect to cypress dashboard
  • Send cypress test results to slack
  • Run cypress tests on Jenkins
  • Run cypress test on CircleCI
  • Run cypress tests on Gitlab
  • Cypress github integrations
  • Run cypress test in parallel


  • Basic knowladge of JavaScript
  • Basic knowledge of Git
  • Passion to learn a new automation tool


Test automation with Cypress (intermediate)

A full Cypress io course from scratch where I start from the basics and go with you step by step to build a complete CI/CD pipeline for two react Applications.

We will start by learning Cypress commands and best practices, and then we will start with our first React application. We will see how to add cypress to the project, build our test cases, learn how to test the APIs, and use cypress commands and fixtures.

We will then connect our project to the cypress dashboard, enable Github integration, and connect the Cypress dashboard to slack.

After that, we will see how to build the CI/CD pipeline for our project, how we will make the app on the cloud, and then run the tests and see how to run the test cases in parallel. We will use the top 3 famous CI/CD tools: Jenkins, Gitlab, and CircleCI.

And after that, we will start with our second React application and build everything from scratch up to the pipeline; this section will practice everything we have learned in this course.

The videos were built short and up to a point; I will not waste your valuable time with long talks, and we will also learn by Example every single command or line of code. we will write, we will see an example for it and see it in action

I am excited to start this course with you guys and see you in the videos.

Who this course is for:

  • Software testers
  • Developers
  • Anyone would like to learn an amazing tool

 Automated Software Testing with Cypress

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