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Apache Spark Hands on Specialization for Big Data Analytics

Apache Spark Hands on Specialization for Big Data Analytics In-depth course to master Apache Spark Development using Scala for Big Data (with 30+ real-world & hands-on examples) 


What you'll learn

  • Understand the relationship between Apache Spark and Hadoop Ecosystem
  • Understand Apache Spark use-cases and advanced characteristics
  • Understand Apache Spark Architecture and how it works
  • Understand how Apache Spark on YARN (Hadoop) works in multiple modes
  • Understand development life-cycle of Apache Spark Applications in Python and Scala
  • Learn the foundations of Scala programming language
  • Understand Apache Spark's primary data abstraction (RDDs)
  • Understand and use RDDs advanced characteristics (e.g. partitioning)
  • Learn nuances in loading files in Hadoop Distributed File system in Apache Spark
  • Learn implications of delimiters in text files and its processing in Spark
  • Create and use RDDs by parallelizing Scala's collection objects and implications
  • Learn the usage of Spark and YARN Web UI to gain in-depth operational insights
  • Understand Spark's Direct Acyclic Graph (DAG) based execution model and implications
  • Learn Transformations and their lazy execution semantics
  • Learn Map transformation and master its applications in real-world challenges
  • Learn Filter transformation and master its usage in real-world challenges
  • Learn Apache Spark's advanced Transformations and Actions
  • Learn and use RDDs of different JVM objects including collections and understanding critical nuances
  • Learn and use Apache Spark for statistical analysis
  • Learn and master Key Value Pair RDDs and their applications in complex Big Data problems
  • Learn and master Join Operations on complex Key Value Pair RDDs in Apache Spark
  • Learn how RDDs caching works and use it for advanced performance optimization
  • Learn how to use Apache Spark for Data Ranking problems
  • Learn how to use Apache Spark for handling and processing structured and unstructured data
  • Learn how to use Apache Spark for advanced Business Analytics
  • Learn how to use Apache Spark for advanced data integrity and quality checks
  • Learn how to use Scala's advanced features like functional programming and pattern matching


  • Background knowledge of Big Data would be helpful but not necessary as everything will be taught from scratch
  • Past experience of programming language would be helpful but not necessary as everything will be taught from scratch
  • A computer system (Laptop/Desktop) with either Windows, Linux or Mac installed for hands-on practice
  • All the software and tools used are freely available
  • The most important requirement: Thirst and commitment to learn!


What if you could catapult your career in one of the most lucrative domains i.e. Big Data by learning the state of the art Hadoop technology (Apache Spark) which is considered mandatory in all of the current jobs in this industry?

What if you could develop your skill-set in one of the most hottest Big Data technology i.e. Apache Spark by learning in one of the most comprehensive course  out there (with 10+ hours of content) packed with dozens of hands-on real world examples, use-cases, challenges and best-practices?

What if you could learn from an instructor who is working in the world's largest consultancy firm, has worked, end-to-end, in Australia's biggest Big Data projects to date and who has a proven track record on Udemy with highly positive reviews and thousands of students already enrolled in his previous course(s)?

If you have such aspirations and goals, then this course and you is a perfect match made in heaven!

Why Apache Spark?

Apache Spark has revolutionised and disrupted the way big data processing and machine learning were done by virtue of its unprecedented in-memory and optimised computational model. It has been unanimously hailed as the future of Big Data. It's the tool of choice all around the world which allows data scientists, engineers and developers to acquire and process data for a number of use-cases like scalable machine learning, stream processing and graph analytics to name a few. All of the leading organisations like Amazon, Ebay, Yahoo among many others have embraced this technology to address their Big Data processing requirements.

Additionally, Gartner has repeatedly highlighted Apache Spark as a leader in Data Science platforms. Certification programs of Hadoop vendors like Cloudera and Hortonworks, which have high esteem in current industry, have oriented their curriculum to focus heavily on Apache Spark. Almost all of the jobs in Big Data and Machine Learning space demand proficiency in Apache Spark.

This is what John Tripier, Alliances and Ecosystem Lead at Databricks has to say, “The adoption of Apache Spark by businesses large and small is growing at an incredible rate across a wide range of industries, and the demand for developers with certified expertise is quickly following suit”.

All of these facts correlate to the notion that learning this amazing technology will give you a strong competitive edge in your career.

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