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Hadoop Fundamentals (Feb 2021)


Hadoop Fundamentals (Feb 2021)

Working with Cloudera Based Hadoop Ecosystem · Executing various HDFS Commands · Know the HDFS Architecture · Importing and Exporting ...


What you'll learn

  • Working with Cloudera Based Hadoop Ecosystem
  • Executing various HDFS Commands
  • Know the HDFS Architecture
  • Importing and Exporting Data to and from HDFS using SQOOP
  • Get to know about Map Reduce (MR)
  • Creating Hive Tables and Executing Hive Query using Hue UI
  • Running Impala Queries using Impala-Shell
  • Creating and Executing Pig Scripts to Perform ETL
  • Creating and Executing OOZIE workflow for SQOOP Action


  • Working Knowledge on Data Base Systems and Data Warehouses
  • Basic Java Programming Knowledge
  • Basic Python Programming Knowledge
  • Basic Linux Commands


Hadoop is an open source framework that is used to efficiently store and process large datasets ranging in size from gigabytes to petabytes of data. It has a software library which is a framework that allows distributed processing of large data sets across clusters of computing devices using simple programming models.

Cloudera Hadoop (CDH) the most popular Open Source Hadoop distribution. It includes all the leading Hadoop ecosystem components to store, process, discover, model, and serve unlimited data, and it's engineered to meet the enterprise standards for stability and reliability.

In this Course, you work on Cloudera Hadoop (CDH) distribution. You will Explore the HDFS Architecture, Learn about the Components and Tools of CDH. Also you perform Data Processing using Map Reduce, Import and Export Data using SQOOP, Create and Execute Pig Scripts and Learn how to Create and Execute Oozie Workflows on CDH.

You will get to know about Map Reduce(MR), to create Hive Tables and Execute Hive Query using Hue UI, to run Impala  the Queries using Impala-Shell, to create and Execute Pig Scripts to Perform ETL, work with Cloudera Based Hadoop Ecosystem.

You will learn about to execute various HDFS Commands, HDFS Architecture.

What are you waiting for?

Hurry up and enroll !!!

Who this course is for:

  • Data Base and Data Warehouse Developers
  • Big Data Developers
  • Data Analysts
  • Any technical personnel who are interested learning and Exploring the features of Bigdata and Tools

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