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neural networks transfer learning and sentiment prediction

neural networks transfer learning and sentiment prediction How to use transfer learning in keras for beginners. Neural networks for sentiment prediction

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What you'll learn

  • Apply transfer learning and leverage pretrained deep learning models
  • Create a movie sentiment review classification algorithm with keras
  • Improve understanding and coding of neural networks in python


  • Your personal interest in the topic
  • Your committment to code along with me
  • Basic knowledge in Python


machine learning / ai ? How to learn machine learning in python? And what is transfer learning ? How to use it ? How to create a sentiment classification algorithm in python?

Good questions here is a point to start searching for answers

Let's dive into data science!

In the world of today and especially tomorrow machine learning will be the driving force of the economy. No matter who you are, an entrepreneur or an employee, and in which industry you are working in, machine learning will be on your agenda.

It's time to get your hands dirty and dive into one of the hottest topics on this planet.

To me the best way to get exposure is to do it "Hands on". And that's exactly what we do. Together we will learn how to use transfer learning in keras to make to classify our own images. We learn how we can customize pretrained deep learning neural networks. In the second part of this course we will create a step by step approach to classify movie reviews. Finally we will train and evaluate our model and create prediction of our own reviews.

All of this will be accomplished in ca. 3 hours.

Exited? Hope you are. Can wait to see you in the first lecture. Let's get into it

See you there

Who this course is for:

  • students who want to learn how to apply transfer learning in keras
  • beginners in neural networks and machine learning
  • students who are eager to learn and dive into one of the hottest topics currently out there
  • students who want to make their own predictions with neural networks
  • students who want to use a pretrained deep learning model in keras
  • You want to take advantage of the data driven opportunity ahead