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Build &Deploy Machine Learning on Flask,AWS,Azure,Heroku,GCP


Build &Deploy Machine Learning on Flask,AWS,Azure,Heroku,GCP
Learn How To Deploy Machine Learning models on Flask,Heroku,AWS,Google Cloud,Microsoft Azure, Streamlit. Beginner To Adv


What you'll learn

  • Learn How To Build and Deploy Machine Learning on Flask, Heroku, AWS, Google Cloud,Microsoft Azure, Streamlit
  • Master Machine Learning With Python
  • Learn Through 6 Core Industry Platforms
  • Learn Through Projects and Assignments
  • Beginner To Advance
  • End-to-End Data Science and Machine Learning Deployment


  • A basic understanding of Python Programming and Machine learning is enough for this course

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Interested in the field of Data Science and Machine Learning?

Interested in Building Data Science and Machine Learning Projects and Deploy on Platforms such as AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Heroku, Flask, Streamlit?

Interested in learning it the practical way?

Then this course is for you!!

This course has been practically and carefully designed by industry experts to offer the best way of learning Data Science and Machine Learning the practical way with hands-on projects and Deployment throughout the course.

This course will teach step-by-step how to deploy your machine learning models in the cloud as it is done in the industry.

We will walk you through step-by-step on each topic explaining each line of code for your understanding.

There is going to be a lot of fun, excited, and robust projects to better understand each concept under each topic.

We have structured the course in this way:

Projects Deployment Tutorial

  • Streamlit project tutorial
  • Flask deployment project tutorial
  • Heroku deployment project tutorial
  • Google cloud deployment project tutorial
  • AWS deployment project tutorial
  • Microsoft Azure deployment project tutorial

This course aims to help beginners, as well as intermediate data science enthusiasts, learn the most efficient ways to deploy their machine learning models while practicing on the projects to gain a better understanding of the course.

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 Instructor : MrBriit .
Data Scientist
Total students : 1,068
Reviews : 88

About me

MBA DATA SCIENCE | IBM Certified Data Science Professional | PGP Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning @ Univ. TEXAS (USA/India) | Product Manager | Co-Founder | Digital Marketing.

Work Profile:


Microsoft: Go-To-Market Strategist

Deloitte: Tech Consultant/Data Science

Synacor: Product Manager

TDS: Data Scientist

Having worked with many companies and mentored several students, both online and in classroom, MrBriit combines his experience in delivering content that student finds it easy to understand.

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