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Beginners Course Selling: How I Make My Online Courses Sell

Beginners Course Selling: How I Make My Online Courses Sell

The methods and formulas proven to make online courses sell - What I've diiscovered to get the most sales  Design powerful course landing pages that really do get sales

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What you'll learn

  • Most important thing that gets big results
  • How to make your course curriculum sell
  • My proven course description writing formula
  • How to make your course title grab students
  • How to get course at the top of search results
  • Proven promo video formula that really does get the sale
  • The best price for the best results


  • Be determined to succeed
  • Willing to take action
  • A genuine desire to help others with quality courses


By the end of this course, you will be able to design a powerful course landing page that get's students to enroll in your course.

The methods and formulas I teach you in this course have got me great results.

My name is Ian Stables. I have more than 100,000 students and have so far created 37 courses,.

When I started on Udemy, I had to discover what got students to enroll in my course. I created a so-so promotional video. I write a course description which was ok but was far from being the best it could. I needed to fix this problem.

I studied everything I could find. I read countless books, took many courses, and watched what seemed endless Youtube videos. I even messaged top instructors to get their advice.

I combined all this knowledge with what I already knew about getting sales, I tried and tested all sorts of formulas and methods to see what worked. I got rid of what didn't work well and kept ones that got the best results.

I now have methods and powerful formulas that work very well. They have got me amazing results. In this course, I share them with you.

It's took me a long time to learn what sells and doesn't sell courses. I bring all this knowledge and know how to you in this course.

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