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Zero to Pro Web Developer Bootcamp - Get Hired in 2021!

Zero to Pro Web Developer Bootcamp - Get Hired in 2021!

Go from no Web Developer experience to creating and deploying a React JS web application. Become a Web Developer today!

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What you'll learn

  • A strong understanding of HTML5, CSS3, and Modern JavaScript for 2021
  • Make a world class Todo Application using tools from Google, Facebook and Atlassian
  • Master ReactJS to create a modern single page application like Trello
  • Learn to use Google's Cloud Firebase to manage user data and authentication
  • Use Atlassian's open source drag and drop package to create a Todo app
  • Create responsive, accessible, and beautiful layouts
  • Using Nodejs to run JavaScript on the fly
  • Make real web applications using cutting-edge technologies
  • Deploy your applications and work with cloud databases
  • Create static HTML and CSS sites and landing pages
  • Thinking like a developer and becoming a pro at finding a solution to your code questions!
  • Use CSS Frameworks such as Bootstrap and Material-UI
  • Use JavaScript variables, conditionals, loops, functions, arrays, and objects
  • Implement responsive navbars and design on websites
  • Creating Javascript functions, and understanding scope
  • Understand the strange behaviours of JavaScript
  • Manipulate the DOM with plain JavaScript
  • Use common JavaScript data structures like Arrays and Objects
  • Become a Pro at using the command line interface
  • Use NPM to leverage open source packages


  • A computer with internet access
  • Ability to cope with my Australian accent
  • A keen attitude to learn whats practically a superpower



Welcome to the Zero to Pro Web Developer Bootcamp! This course will take you from no coding experience to building and deploying a live website, with user authentication, using modern world-class technologies that Facebook and Google use including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, ReactJS, Firebase, Firestore, Vercel, Git, GitHub, Material UI, and more!

I've cultivated this course to provide you with a strong fundamental understanding of web development without overwhelming you with all the extras. Many courses think the best path is to throw every topic of web development at you to see what sticks. This course provides you with enough to be competent than 90% of web developers without drowning you in all the extras. You've got an entire career ahead of you to pick them up so let's not scare you off!

It doesn't matter if you're a beginner, intermediate or advanced programmer. By the end of this course, you'll master how to create websites and, how to set up a seamless workflow to create and deploy modern web applications in a heartbeat!

This course will cover some of the most exciting tools in the industry and, let me tell you, you're going to feel like a superhero with these skills!

I have come from where you are now, I learned web development online and then used it to leave a well-paying, secure job, to follow a passion. It was the best decision I ever made! For this reason, I know exactly what you need and how to coach you into becoming a hireable Web Developer!

Throughout the course, we are going to cover a mountain of new and existing tools and technology including:

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Flexbox
  • CSS Grid
  • Responsive Design
  • Existing and modern JavaScript - ES5, ES6
  • Asynchronous JavaScript - Async Await, Promises
  • Single Page applications using AJAX
  • ReactJS
  • Bootstrap
  • DOM Manipulation
  • Using the Command Line
  • Node JS Basics
  • NPM - To leverage open source code
  • CRUD Operations
  • Firebase Auth and Firestore - Document Based Database
  • Material UI for making beautiful User Interfaces
  • Vercel - To deploy our websites in a heartbeat

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