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AWS BIg Data Specialty (BDS-C00)

AWS BIg Data Specialty (BDS-C00)

The AWS Certified Big Data Specialty exam (BDS-C00) is intended for the individuals who implement complex big data analyses. The exam verifies an examinee's technical abilities and experience in designing and executing AWS services to receive value from data.

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The technology market is extremely dynamic and requires professionals to always remain. But there is another decisive factor when it comes to defining which professional will do best in a vacancy or promotion at the company where he works: certifications. For many, certifications carry more weight than even a college degree. The main reason why they are so well regarded by the market is the fact that they leave the professional better prepared for specific knowledge in certain areas. But there are still several doubts about the real importance and functioning of these certifications. It is important to know which one is most valued today by the market, how the tests work, who accredits educational institutions ... Another detail that is not missed is the amount paid for these courses, which is usually quite salty. Even with an abundance of vacancies in the IT market, the diploma of higher education and command of English does not guarantee a good placement in the sector. Organizations are demanding a good practical knowledge of technologies. It is more of a credential for the curriculum. The market sees in an accredited professional the guarantee that he has mastered certain contents. Because that, i will help you! Let's study!

Who this course is for:

  • Professionals who want improve your knowledge through international certifications.
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