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Cloud Data Lake architecture and end to end implementation

Cloud Data Lake architecture and end to end implementation

In fact, the reality is different and with this approach we will end up with something called Data Swamp. Literally, it is an implementation 

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What you'll learn

  • Data Lake vs Data Warehouse
  • Redshift vs Snowflake
  • Data Analytics vs Business Intelligence
  • Data Lake Sample Solution Architecture
  • Batch Processing vs Realtime
  • Data Ingestion Lab


  • Basic cloud knowledge required


This course in primarily aimed for the Data engineers who are working in any IT organization with Cloud Data warehouse and Data lake tools OR aspirant to be a data engineer.

Please note, currently the contents of this course are being updated gradually. This course is intended to have the end to end implementation guideline and hands on lab. It will include multiple integration with source system, data analytics systems such as Tableau , PowerBi.

Any type of queries is highly appreciated. Our aim is to guide every data engineer and/or aspirant with cloud data warehouse and data lake knowledge and build the capability to implement any real business case with these technical abilities.

We also welcome your request to include any particular cloud data lake solution with this course. Please check the intro video of this course. it will give you an basic overview about the expectation from the course.

It is a planned in-depth course for Redshift and Snowflake integration and implementation.

For any queries please feel free  to write us at e2e Solution Architect is new branding of AWS Tech Guide.

Also visit our other courses on cloud real technical solution for production ready system in your organization.

Who this course is for:

  • Data Engineer
  • Solution Architect
  • Enterprise Architect
  • DevOps Enginner
  • IT Analyst
  • Data Analyst
  • Software Engineering
  • IT Engineer
  • Big Data engineer

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