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Data Structures and Algorithms: From Zero to Hero

Data Structures and Algorithms: From Zero to Hero

 Data Structures and Algorithms: From Zero to Hero. Learn how to solve modern computing problems with data structures and algorithms

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What you'll learn

  • Learning Numerical Algorithms
  • Learning Big O Notation
  • Learning Linked Lists
  • Learning Arrays
  • Learning Stacks and Queues


  • No pre-knowledge is required - enthusiasm is all you need!

How to improve your Data Structures and Algorithms skills from Zero to Hero · Step 1: Learn the fundamental data structures and algorithms 


Data structures allow organizing data efficiently. With the knowledge of data structures and algorithms at your fingertips, you can write efficient computer programs to solve real-world problems. They are critical to various problems and their suitable implementation can provide a complete solution that acts like reusable code. This course teaches you the essential data structures and the most common algorithms for building easy and maintainable applications.

At the beginning, you will get to know arrays, lists, dictionaries, and sets together with real-world examples of your application. Then, you will learn how to create and use stacks and queues. You will learn to create complex data structures, such as graphs, stacks, and queues. As you make your way through the lectures, you will explore the application of binary searches and binary search trees, along with learning common techniques and structures used in tasks such as preprocessing, modeling, and transforming data. In the following part of the course, the more complex data structures will be introduced, namely trees and graphs, together with some algorithms for searching the shortest path in a graph. We will also discuss how to organize the code in a manageable, consistent, and extendable way. By the end of this course, you will have gained exceptional knowledge of data structure and algorithms and will have developed skills to apply in the real world.

Learn about Pointers , Arrays, Linked Lists, Stacks and Queues, Graph, Binary Trees, Heap & Priority Queue, Sorting etc.

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