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Forecast Future Demand of Phone Using Predictive Analytics

Forecast Future Demand of Phone Using Predictive Analytics

40 videos to take you from beginner to machine learning engineer Learn meaning of variable and data types in Python Learn to declare and initialize 

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What you'll learn

  • Converting string to integer and integer to string in Python
  • Create list in Python and appending to a list
  • Create Numpy array, one dimensional Array and to convert one dimensional Array to two dimensional Array
  • Write condition statement in Python
  • Learn to use loop for performing iterating activity
  • Perform simple operations on dataset using Python
  • Understand meaning of Scikit learn, Pandas, Numpy and Matplotlib
  • Use Pandas to load dataset on Jupyter notebook
  • Visualizing data using Matplotlib
  • Analyze data using Pandas and Matplolib
  • Handling missing values using Pandas
  • Preprocessing of data using Pandas and scikit learn
  • Handling Duplicates using Pandas
  • Data conversion using Pandas
  • Converting dataframe to datetime
  • How to create a project and an application in Django
  • Important configuration for Django project
  • Learn the relationship between Views, URL and templates in Django
  • Understand meaning of machine learning and Predictive analytics
  • Feature selection in machine learning
  • Use train test split function to divide dataset into training and testing set
  • Train machine learning algorithm using training set
  • Use predictive analytics to discover the pattern and forecast the future
  • Measure accuracy of machine learning algorithm using cross validation
  • Make prediction using created model in machine learning
  • Create Django web application for deploying machine learning model
  • Learn to deploy machine learning model on Django web framework


  • Python Basics
  • Machine Learning Basics
  • Visual Studio code, Sublime Text Editor And Pycharm
  • Computer with minimum of 4 RAM and 250 HDD.
  • Anaconda Navigator


Become Artificial Intelligence Engineer.

This is step by step course on how to create predictive model using machine learning. It covers Numpy, Pandas, Matplotlib, Scikit learn and Django and at the end predictive model is deployed on Django. Most of things machine learning beginner do not know is how they can deploy a created model. How to put created model into application? Training model and getting 80%, 85% or 90% accuracy does not matter. As Artificial Intelligence Engineer you should be able to put created model into application.

Actually, learning how to deploy predictive model created by machine learning is big win for you and is motivating effect towards improving, embracing and learning machine learning. They piece me off when I hear people saying Artificial Intelligence is not really. It is just theoretical study. Let's learn together how to deploy model, solve people’s problems and change people's mind about Artificial Intelligence.

At the end of this course, you will become Artificial Intelligence by your ability to put created model into application and solve people's problems. Not only that you will be exposed to some few concepts of Django which is Python web framework and current trending web framework. By understanding Django, you will be able to deploy your previous created model you you could not in the previous time.

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