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Fullstack Project - React, Fastify Node.js, Postgresql & TDD


Fullstack Project - React, Fastify Node.js, Postgresql & TDD

Build Your First Full Stack Application With ReactNodeJS & Postgresql. Learn How To Do TDD With NodeJS and React.

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What you'll learn

  • Master Everything Required To Build An End To End Enterprise NodeJS Application With React
  • How To Write Unit Testcases for NodeJS and React
  • Integration Testing With NodeJS - With Postgresql Database
  • How To Write Unit Testcases For Data Access Layer With Postgresql
  • How To Deploy NodeJS And React Application On Heroku
  • Continuous Integration And Continuous Deployment Using Github Actions
  • How To Dockerized NodeJS and React Application And Deploy Docker Container On Heroku
  • Maintain Docker Container And Development Process With Batect
  • Setup Of Redux ToolKit and Testing
  • How To Setup Swagger For Documentation
  • How To Maintain Data Migration Script In NodeJS Application
  • How To Setup JWT With NodeJS
  • How To Secure React Routes
  • How To Maintain JWT In React


  • Knowledge of NodeJS and JavaScript - beginner level
  • Knowledge of React - beginner level
  • Knowledge of Docker - Optional


If you know the basics of Javascript, NodeJS and React, the next thing to do is learn how to setup enterprise level application and how to do test driven development and how to write clean code and What is the ideal workflow for developing full stack application.

Why am I focusing on Test driven development ?

Because TDD is a way to develop highly usable software. Following the TDD process, a developer must focus on the test cases before actually coding anything. ... As a result, the developer is more interested in the interface than in the implementation—and that leads to more usable software

In this course we will learn various things as mentioned below:

  • How to setup actual enterprise level workflow with CI/CD using Github Actions and deploy both application to Heroku and locally we will connect NodeJS application with Postgresql  docker container  and on prod we will connect with Postrgresql.
  • How to deploy both frontend and backend on server.
  • How to maintain different environment like DEV,PROD.
  • How to maintain database migration script and apply on Postgresql
  • How to document rest api with swagger.
  • How to write Unit and Integration testcases for NodeJS application.
  • How to write Unit testcases for Redux side.
  • How to write Unite testcases for React.
  • How to secure application with JWT
  • Learn How to setup Jwt based authentication with NodeJS and React

The most important thing that we will learn during this course would be test driven development with NodeJS and React & redux and while developing application we will learn best practice for frontend side and backend side.

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Full Stack Web Application similar to financial software that is used in banking institutions | React.js and Node.js 

Modules: Express/JSBerry/Nest.js/Fastify/Koa, Mongoose/Sequelize/Prisma, Rambda, Passport, many others... MongoDB, MySQL (ORM), PostgreSQL
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