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Nuxt JS Basic to Advanced With Node JS API- Build a Blog App

Nuxt JS Basic to Advanced With Node JS API- Build a Blog App

 Nuxt js is a framework of Vue js that helps to build server-side rendered applications. You will learn Nuxt js from very basic to advanced

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What you'll learn

  • Build a Complete Nuxt JS Project With Node JS API
  • How to Work With Nuxt JS
  • Nuxt JS Routing
  • Nuxt JS HTTP Request
  • Design a Complete Nuxt JS App
  • How to Work With Nuxt JS Components
  • How to Design and Develop Node JS API With Express and MongoDB
  • Build a Real-World App Using Node JS, Express JS, Mongodb and Nuxt JS
  • Nuxt JS Plugin
  • How to Work With Bootstrap in Nuxt JS
  • Responsive Design Using Bootstrap


  • Students Need to Have Vscode or Any Other IDE to Write Code
  • Mac, Windows, Linux or Any Other Operating System
  • Students don't need to have any previous programming experiences. Students will learn everything from this course


In this course, you will end up learning how to work with Nuxt js and node js for the backend. Nuxt js is a framework of Vue js that helps to build server-side rendered applications. You will learn Nuxt js from very basic to advanced levels and you will learn how to build API using node js, express js, and MongoDB. In this course, you will build your own API and will connect with Nuxt js app. So, after finishing this course you are going to learn frontend and backend development.

Course Structure:

In the beginning, you will learn all the basics of Nuxt js from how to install to how to get API data. So you will build a basic app using Nuxt js and will learn all the features of Nuxt js and how to do HTTP requests and get API data. You will also learn how to pass data from one component to another component and will end up learning how to show images in the Nuxt js app.

After learning all the basics, you will learn how to build an advanced and real-world Nuxt js app with node js backend. You will learn Node js, Express js, and MongoDB and will build API. You will build a complete Blog app using Node js backend and Nuxt js Frontend. You will learn how to work with the MongoDB database and how to build Create, Update and delete API using node js and express js. You will also end up learning how to build a complex query of MongoDB. For instance- How to sort data and how to limit data in MongoDB.

You will learn how to work with Github. We will upload our project to Github and will learn how to push and do commit changes for our GitHub project.

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