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Revenue Cycle and Healthcare Finance - Rev Cycle Ready

Revenue Cycle and Healthcare Finance - Rev Cycle Ready

The Healthcare Financial Management Association defines revenue cycle as “all administrative and clinical functions that contribute to the capture, management, and collection of patient service revenue.” Basically, then, the revenue cycle is everything that happens from the moment a patient account is created

What you'll learn

  • Revenue Cycle
  • Healthcare Finance
  • Pivot Tables
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Big Data Analysis
  • Healthcare Analytics
  • Healthcare Billing Data
  • Healthcare Administration
  • Revenue Management
  • Healthcare Data
  • Big Data
  • Healthcare

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Nine out of ten healthcare administration employees wish they had learned more about revenue cycle, finance, and big data analytics during their graduate schooling. This course will prepare students with a better understanding of these topics by diving deep into RVUs, Denials, Write-Offs, AR, and the Revenue Cycle. No matter your skill level, this course can help you add more value to your organization.

Who this course is for:

  • Healthcare Administration Students
  • Practice Managers
  • Department Directors
  • Healthcare Administrators
  • Healthcare Professionals
  • Healthcare Leaders

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