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Complete guide to begin with Python for Data Science


Complete guide to begin with Python for Data Science

Python for Beginners: A Complete Guide To Learn Programming, Data Science, Machine Learning And Coding Language Which Explain Step By Step U

What you'll learn

  • Learn how to use Jupyter Notebook efficiently for Programming
  • Learn fundamentals of Python Programming Language and how to approach Python Assignments and solve them
  • Learn various data structures of Python - List, set, tuple, dictionaries
  • Learn how developers use Exception Handling for handling errors.
  • Learn how to use if else statements, loops with certain illustrations
  • Learn how to use functions and recursion to build a python project
  • Learn advanced functions - map and lambda which will be used in data science frequently
  • Get ready to appear for any interview, assignment, projects related to data science, development
  • Learn Variables and data types in detail.
  • Learn how to format strings and print statements
  • Python Programming Masterclass for Beginners : Zero to Hero


  • Simple Mathematics - Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division


A complete guide to begin your python learning for data science, data analysis and machine learning.

For those, who has never written a single code in entire life and want to move into data science or advanced python, this course provides you a simple approach to learn coding from scratch using python as a tool and master it with illustrations and assignments.

For those, who are already experienced in coding, but want to move into advanced python, this course provides you ample hands-on exercises and assignments for deeply understanding the concept.

In this course, you will be learning from the very basics - which includes basic numbers, arithmetic operations, lists, sets, tuples, dictionaries, loops, if else statements, nested dictionaries, functions, recursive functions etc.

We will be using Jupyter notebook in order to execute all the codes. Jupyter notebook is a tool that is being used by all the multinational organisation, who hire people for analytics and machine learning jobs.

Key features:

# Learn Python from scratch - from installation to writing your first code to understand the basics and finally to reach advance level.

# No prior coding experience required.

# Command yourself in Jupyter Notebook.

# Prepare yourself for Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Python Development.

Have a great learning ahead.

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