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Machine Learning Disease Prediction And Drug Recommendation

Machine Learning Disease Prediction And Drug Recommendation

predict diseases from symptoms using Machine Learning Techniques and suggest the appropriate precautions, drugs and physicians for appointment.

What you'll learn

  • Learn how to deploy machine learning model on Django
  • To create model using supervised machine learning algorithms
  • Intergrate the concept of JQuery, Ajax, Django and machine learning
  • Use Pandas in data science for loading dataset and operations on data
  • Machine Learning Concepts and Application of ML using Python


  • Python Basics, Python Flask basics and Django web framework basics
  • Machine Learning Basics and Python Pandas
  • Javascript basics and Ajax
  • Computer with minimum of 4 RAM and 250 HDD.


This is Supervised machine learning full course. It covers all basic concepts from Python, Pandas, Django, Ajax and Scikit Learn. The course start on Jupyter notebook where different operations will performed on data. Learn Python basic, mostly control structure and Django. The end goal of this course is to teach how to deploy machine learning model on Django Python web framework. Actually, that is the purpose of machine learning. We should learn how to put machine learning model into application and it must solve people's problems in the community.

The methodology used in teaching are very easy and understood-able. In Python Basics we learn the concepts which are needed in model deployment in Django. This include learning list, array, tuple,dictionary, if statement, for loop,while loop and functions.

The created model which is disease prediction model and drug name recommendation model are deployed on different dashboard of Django web application.disease prediction model is deployed on patient dashboard and drug name recommendation model is deployed on doctor dashboard.

If there is any mis-understanding based on disease prediction result and drug name recommendation, patient can ask for appointment with doctor. Doctor usually use machine learning model to recommend for drug names and schedule for appointment with patient.

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