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Master Complete Advance Electon Js Framework App Devlopment

Master Complete Advance Electon Js Framework App Devlopment

Become an Advanced Desktop Apps Developer by Building Native Cross Platform Desktop Apps With Electron JS, HTML and CSS.

What you'll learn

  • Create Cross Platform Desktop application
  • Test Electron Application
  • Load Balancing In Application
  • Electron Code signin For Mac
  • Electron Notrization For Mac
  • Accessibility
  • Internationalization



     Hello Everyone,

  • Back in the Day, creating desktop applications was too much work because application developers had to take care of different OS compatibility, OS updates software, technology updates, etc. and more annoying was there was no easy way to create cross-platform applications that means if they want to make windows code compatible to MAC code there was no easy way to solve all these problems electron got introduced. Electron helps us develop cross-platform applications by using existing web technologies. You don't need specific skills, for most cases, to develop apps with Electron. If you are a web developer and are interested in developing an app with Electron, then you are in the right place because this course will help learn how to create enterprise desktop applications with minimal effort.
  • Although Electron users Javascript, HTML, CSS Still there are few system-level specific things that need to pay attention to any desktop application is a combination of a lot of different things such as UI, Functionality, Data Integrity, Compatibility, Application Stability, Performance Optimization, Load Balancing, Local Databases, etc. if we manage to incorporate all those features in our application then chances of application acceptance in global market increases.
  • This Course Intention is not just to teach you how to create cross-platform desktop applications but we are targeting a much bigger goal. The goal is to Create Feature Reach Application For Global Market. but it's Lot of work so buckle up your seats and witness a wonderful journey.



You don’t need to think much when migrating your existing application to Electron as the application we are creating is a desktop application and data stays locally in the system. Because of this, you can ensure data security. In case you need to store data in the cloud, check whether your cloud network has enough security functions beforehand to avoid any unwanted surprises.

Low-Level Accessibility

Before starting out, you also have to check whether all the functionalities you are providing for your desktop application are also available in Electron. In my experience, Electron provides enough control to have extended interactive features in your application, such as Keyboard Shortcuts. It also provides low-level access to the hardware and operations system components.

Hardware Accessibility

Developers can get complete access to all hardware-level access APIs to expose over the JavaScript/Plugin. There is no need to compromise for the feature if you want to migrate to Electron.


Electron thrives in this aspect. If proper care is taken while developing (load only what you need), Electron can show some great gains in the terms of performance when compared to native applications. Electron saves a lot of time and provides more options to play with or develop by having a single code base for all the major platforms. These are the major problems when we deal with the native development of applications, which are all effectively solved by Electron.

However, a lot of people say that Electron is very memory hungry. I agree with this statement, but only if you develop the applications without proper care.


It's not fair to count all features we also need to look into what's drawbacks of using electron.js although the drawbacks are low compare to benefits still let's have look into it before we start learning it.

High Memory Consumption

chromium is infamous for memory consumption it consumes more Ram than it should even for simple applications, so if you want to create a small application you can expect it will consume 200-300MB of ram easily but this is controllable also if you use optimized code and follow all best practices suggested by electron you can control it.

Build Size

The lowest possible build size is somewhere around 60-80 MB because the electron and chromium setup itself consumes 30-40MB in build this building size is comparatively more than other competitive technology

if you are okay with this drawback then its time to jump into the actual course see you in the course :-)

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