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NestJs - Build Modern APIs in NestJs with MongoDB & Postgres

NestJs - Build Modern APIs in NestJs with MongoDB & Postgres

Build Modern API with NestJs with MongoDB & Postgres, including Authentication, Typescript, TypeORM, Unit & e2e testing.

What you'll learn

  • Develop and full featured API with NestJs
  • Best practices of Authentication & Authorization
  • Data Validation & Error Handling using Pipes
  • How to implement pagination & search
  • How to generate coordinates of address with GeoCoder
  • Uploading images on AWS S3 Bucket
  • How to use Passport for authentication
  • How to Protect Routes from unauthorized user
  • How to build a custom decorator
  • How to build a custom guard
  • Using TypeORM for database interaction
  • Persisting data with databases like MongoDB & Postgres
  • Understand Database relationships
  • Writing Unit Tests for complete API
  • Writing e2e Tests
  • How to deploy API on Heroku
  • NestJs in Practice (with MongoDB)


If you want to build a powerful API in the modern backend framework NestJs or if you want to learn how to unit test API then welcome to this Ultimate NestJs course.

NestJs is a Node.js framework for building efficient, reliable, and scalable Node.js server-side applications. NestJs is a complete framework that will help us to perform everything whether it is authentication or testing a complete API, NestJs provides us everything that we want. The architecture of NestJs is unmatchable.

Throughout this course, we will use TypeScript that will level up our development. Typescript will help us to write neat and clean code. We will be able to find our errors and bug right on the spot.

NestJs provides us a lot of flexibility by providing a lot of modules, when it comes to testing, NestJs provides us with Testing Module that makes Unit testing fun. Connecting to a database whether it is Relational (SQL, POSTGRES, etc) or NoSQL (MongoDB) is just fun and can be done in one line of code.

Really NestJs has made life a lot easier when it comes to building backend applications. The API built with this amazing framework is highly testable, scalable, loosely coupled, and easily maintainable applications.

Below are some points that we will cover in this course:

  • We will discuss what is NestJs and its CLI
  • Build a complete restaurant API
  • Use MongoDB to store our data
  • Add Pagination and Search in our API
  • Best practices for Error handling & Validations with PIPES
  • Generate the coordinates of the restaurant address
  • Uploading multiple images of the restaurant to AWS S3 Bucket
  • NestJS: The Complete Developer's Guide
  • Add Jwt Authentication with Passport
  • Authorization of Roles with Guards
  • Build a CRUD Library API with Postgres & TypeORM
  • Unit Testing of complete API
  • e2e Testing to API
  • Deploying API on Heroku

Interested in learning this amazing NestJs framework for building your next backend API? Then Enroll now and I will see you in the course. Happy Coding!!!

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