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School Management Project in PHP

School Management Project in PHP

 Learn to develop school management in core PHP by integrating AdminLTE Admin Theme.

What you'll learn

  • Learn how to create project from scratch step by step
  • Learn how to use HTML template in our PHP application
  • Learn how to create Admin Panel for the project step by step
  • Learn how to create a folder structure for your web application



This course will teach how one can integrate Admin LTE Admin theme in core PHP application, by grasping this course one can integrate any Admin Panel HTML theme in your core PHP application. In this course one can learn how to do coding by implementing OOPS concept. One can learn what is a Singleton class and where it is used. Proper validations in the forms have been applied. All CRUD operations are being implemented by AJAX calls using jQuery. This course consist of Student Module, Teacher Module, Class Module, Section Module, Subject Module, Sign In Module, Dashboard Module and Sign out Module. This course will help you a lot in your programming skills, with this course you will have knowledge of CRUD, Validations, OOPS, Admin Theme integrations, Helper functions, Singleton Class, global variables, Static functions, folder structure, constants, AJAX calls, DataTables, File Uploads. I have almost covered many PHP topics in this application. Every module has a separate structure for them. I have implemented a kind of MVC, in one file loading all views content, layout is same but interface changes on the basis of every module changes in URL. I hope the one who will take this course will learn a lot of things and will enjoy the coding.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for those students who have basic knowledge about PHP, HTML, CSS & JavaScript.
  • This course is for those students who are curious to develop web application from scratch.
  • This course is for those students who wants to learn good coding standards.

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