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Bioinformatics with Python


Bioinformatics with Python

Bioinformatics using Python. Learn Biopython and Scikit-bio. Sequence Analysis and Sequence Alignments. Write Custom Functions For DNA Sequence analysis

What you'll learn

  • Bioinformatics using Python
  • Learn Biopython and Scikit-bio
  • Sequence Analysis and Sequence Alignments
  • Write Custom Functions For DNA Sequence analysis and Protein Synthesis
  • Create Our Own Bioinformatics Python Package using Poetry


  • Basic Understanding of Biology and Bioinformatics
  • Basics of Python Programming
  • Willingness to learn


Do you know that the human genomic sequence if printed out in a normal text font, would stretch for 5000 km, which is like the distance from London to Montreal, Los Angeles to Panama, Accra to Cape Town,  Tokyo to Calcutta.
This same sequence would fill about 3000 books the size of a normal book.
Understanding and analyzing this sequence is clearly going to be a huge task.
But with the advent of powerful tools and databases we can be able to grabs a simple understanding of some aspect of it.
In this introductory course we will explore the various Python tools and libraries used in analyzing DNA,RNA and genome sequence.
Hence if you are interested in analyzing large sum of biological data or are curious about DNA sequence,protein synthesis,and how vaccines are designed. Then this course is for you.
Whether you are a student or a researcher, data scientist or bioinformatics engineer,computational biologist, this course will serve as a helpful guide when doing bioinformatics in Python.
We will be exploring bioinformatics with BioPython, Biotite, Scikit-Bio, BioJulia and more.
Data is everywhere, biological data is in every living organism.Let us analyse it for useful insights

We will learn

  • how to do sequence analysis with BioPython,Biotite,etc
  • how to perform sequence alignment with code.
  • how to create our own custom functions for analyzing DNA,RNA and Proteins.
  • how to do some bioinformatics with Python.
  • how to analysis the DNA sequence of Covid 19, MERS and more.

NOTE: This is an introductory course structured like a reference material for anyone interested in doing bioinformatics with python.
Join us as we explore the world of biological data with Python

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