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React and Storybook: Build components library

React and Storybook: Build components library

React is Javascript library for building user interfaces. In this Course we will learn React fundamentals by building Components

Category : Development, Web Development, React

What you'll learn

  • Understand React fundamentals
  • Use React in the Browser and in Node
  • Create React web components library that are composable
  • Use Storybook to develop web components in isolation
  • Testing with react testing library
  • Testing with Storybook
  • Accessibility Testing (a11y)
  • Visual Regression Testing (VRT)
  • CI/CD

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React is Javascript library for building user interfaces. In this Course we will learn React  fundamentals by building Components with Storybook. We will start by learning how to use React in the browser, then how to use it in Node.js and we will move to create a full react application with using the create-react CLI.

We will learn how to create web components using React v17 and use Storybook to develop these components in isolation.

  • Class Overview: In this Class we will learn React v17 by building Web Components using different methods, starting with simple in Browser and then moving to more advanced project using creat-react-cli
  • What You Will Learn: You will learn how to build React components using React v17, Class based components, Functional components , Hooks, JSX, Props , State, Storybook to develop Components, Css Modules , Component Composition,  Unit Testing, Storybook testing , Testing Accessibility , Visual Regression Testing, CI/CD
  • Why You Should Take This Class: If you are are Frontend developer who wants to learn React or you have used React but want to learn more advanced concepts and how to use React in a production environment to create Web components and how to develop components in isolation with Storybook then you should take this class
  • Who This Class is For: Frontend developers who know the basics of Javascript and CSS
  • Materials/Resources: Javascript & CSS knowledge, Node.js installed , IDE , github account

Instructor : Bassam Guide

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