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Learn to make commercial video games [ GODOT MEGA TUTORIAL ]

Learn to make commercial video games [ GODOT MEGA TUTORIAL ]

Tutorial for making games for market sale with the reliable , and fast Godot game engine.

Category : Development, Game Development, Godot

Instructor : MARIAN DEVELOPMENT COMPANY Marijo Trkulja

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What you'll learn

  • Unerstanding all important elements of Godot game engine integrated development environment (IDE)
  • Quality coding of program lines in Godot GD Script, programming concepts, techniques, and troubleshoot skills
  • Good understanding of Python code syntax based on programming in GD Script
  • Distinguish and using game nodes in the design window of Godot game engine
  • Understanding the concept and methods of video Game Math when making a commercial video game
  • Ability to independently program complex video game elements such as tech tree elements, game inventory, etc
  • Understanding how to plan a video game and how to conclude started one
  • Game types covered by tutorial: 3D RPG, 3D platformer, point and click, turn-based


Making a video game is not as hard as you think. And creating a game for the market as a commercial video game can be easy too. Why, because you will have the appropriate knowledge and learning tools to make it happen.

In this tutorial, you will start learning at a slow pace, with important things emphasized. And when you are encouraged with progress, learning can be intensified. The first course part (more than 30. lectures) is about video game Math, and this is also the beginning of your first video game. In every lecture, you will learn something new and important as an element of a video game.

After finishing the first course part you will have a complete and functional game level (game scene) of a turn-based video game. And this is fundamental for the next course part - a tech tree for an RPG video game. This course part ( more than 30. lectures) teaches about making an additional game scene. Game scenes will be connected and you can create RPG game-style research elements for a very interesting video game.

You can start learning from the second course part also (after section four). You will learn new things with a different educational approach.  In this part, there are learning lectures, recapitulation lectures, and learning challenges. After, the course continues with a Video game plan. Theory and practice about game planning, time-content management, and practical planning for your video game project.

The course continues with the creation of various game systems for the game project like instancing a 2D game part, quest system, text info system, tech tree, etc. The additional section teaches about 2D game physics in a completely new game project about ball-type video games. The game is first created to be functional, later good graphic elements are added for potential market sale.

The section for recapitulation uses text from a "GD Script" book to remained you about basic and advanced GD Script programming concepts. In the beginning that is a "Hello World" project, but after, you will learn from games with numbers, games with letters, and 2D games.

After, you will learn how to improve 2D RPG video games. First, you will code a 2D game fog system. Next, you will create a micro menu(in-game) for interesting options to increase game play-ability. Also, you will learn about making a save system for your video game. In the section after, you can understand 2D physics with Joint2D nodes (PinJoint2D, GrooveJoint2D, and DampedSpringJoint2D).

The 3D Game development learning process starts with a 3D platformer. The game character path is generated by code, and the character is a robot with animated movement. You will learn game prototyping with 3D game assets for the game environment.

In the second 3D game learning project student will create a full 3D RPG Adventure. You will learn about MRC, NPC, game inventory system, save system, and game publishing process.

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