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Beginning Laravel 9 - From Novice to Professional (2022)

Beginning Laravel 9 - From Novice to Professional (2022)

This course uses project-based approach to make sure you understand the concept and how to implement Laravel to build real world projects .

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Learn  Beginning Laravel 9 - From Novice to Professional (2022)

  • Learn the Laravel concept and how to apply it to build real-world projects
  • Practice your Laravel skills with challenges and assignments (solutions included)
  • Leverage Laravel Eloquent to communicate with any databases in easy and elegant way
  • Build 2 amazing real-world projects for your portfolio and become job-ready programmer
  • Write clean code with Laravel

** This course is updated in September 2022 **

Welcome to Beginning Laravel - From novice to professional! The most up-to-date resource online for learning Laravel!

This course uses a project-based approach to make sure you understand the concept and how to implement Laravel to build real-world projects that you can imagine.

What will you build in this course?

In this course, you'll learn the fundamental of building dynamic websites and web apps using Laravel by building real-world projects.

The first project is the Contact app, a simple application to manage contacts. The user is able to manage (list, filter, add, show, edit and delete) contacts and companies that are related to the contacts. Users are also able to update profiles and upload photos.

The second project that we're going to build is a simple blog. Users can list all posts with or without image thumbnails, and see the post details with SEO friendly URLs. Filter posts by category, or filter posts by the author.

What will you learn in this course?

Here is a partial list of the topics you'll learn in this course:

Working with Database. You'll learn how to connect your app to your database, you'll learn migration, seeder, Eloquent, Eloquent relationship and model factories.

Working with Routing, Controllers and Views

Rendering dynamic data. You'll learn how to load data from your database and render them in your application

Working with Form. You'll learn how to build a form, validate the form and persist the data into your database

  • Query Scopes
  • Authentication
  • Authorization
  • Route model binding
  • Form request validation
  • Working with File Storage
  • Blade Components, and
  • Much more

By the end, you’ll be able to take what you’ve learned and build own Application you've dreamed about.

What are you waiting for? Join me today and let's learn Laravel in an easy, effective and efficient way.

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