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Data Science & Machine Learning(Theory+Projects)A-Z 90 HOURS


Data Science & Machine Learning(Theory+Projects)A-Z 90 HOURS

My Data Science Journey - Studies Data Scientist Data Science & Machine Learning(Theory+Projects)A-Z 90 HOURS -  On Udemy

What you'll learn

  • Key data science and machine learning concepts right from the beginning with a complete unfolding with examples in Python.
  • Essential Concepts and Algorithms in Machine Learning
  • Python for Data Science and Data Analysis
  • Data Understanding and Data Visualization with Python
  • Probability and Statistics in Python
  • Feature Engineering and Dimensionality Reduction with Python
  • Artificial Neural Networks with Python
  • Convolutional Neural Networks with Python
  • Recurrent Neural Networks with Python
  • Detailed Explanation and Live Coding with Python
  • Building your own AI applications.

Link : Data Scientist Data Science & Machine Learning(Theory+Projects)A-Z 90 HOURS 

Comprehensive Course Description:

Electrification was, without a doubt, the greatest engineering marvel of the 20th century. The electric motor was invented way back in 1821, and the electrical circuit was mathematically analyzed in 1827. But factory electrification, household electrification, and railway electrification all started slowly several decades later.

Fast forward to today. It’s the same story with Artificial Intelligence (AI). The field of AI was formally founded in 1956. But it’s only now—more than six decades later—that AI is expected to revolutionize the way humanity will live and work in the coming decades.

Data science is a large field of study that covers data systems and processes. These systems and processes are aimed at maintaining data sets as well as getting meaning out of them. Machine Learning (ML), a branch of AI, is the concept that systems can automatically learn and adapt from experience without human intervention. ML, essentially, aims to equip machines with independent learning techniques.

Data Science & Machine Learning Full Course in 90 Hours is exhaustive and covers various topics in both these fields in great detail.

Data science specialists use a combination of algorithms, applications, principles, and tools to gain a real sense of random data clusters. You are probably aware that organizations worldwide are generating exponential amounts of data. So, monitoring and storing all this data becomes very difficult. This is where data science plays a vital role by focusing on data modeling and data warehousing.

Both AI and ML are important to data scientists because they can work equally well in both with ease. The expertise of these skilled professionals allows them to switch roles quickly, too. And in the life cycle of a data science project, this can be a critical factor.

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