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Deep Learning:Deep Neural Network for Beginners Using Python

Deep Learning:Deep Neural Network for Beginners Using Python

Deep Learning & Deep Neural Networks made super easy for absolute beginners without digging deep into harsh mathematics.

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What you'll learn

• The basics of Machine Learning.
• The basics of Neural Networks.
• The implementation of Logistic Regression.
• The architecture of Neural Networks.
• The basics of training a Deep Neural Network (DNN) using Gradient Descent Algorithm.
• The creation of a complete structure for DNN from scratch using Python.
• The implementation of DNN on any dataset.
• Using Deep Learning for IRIS dataset.
• The implementation of a complete DNN using Numpy.
• And much more…

Comprehensive Course Deep Learning:Deep Neural Network for Beginners Using Python

Want to master the essential Deep Learning concepts fast? Ready to train your machine like how a father would teach his son?

Then this is the right course!

Yes, we know you can choose from lots of similar courses and lectures out there regarding DNNs. But this truly step-by-step course is different!

In every new video tutorial, you will build on what you have already learned and advance one extra step. You strengthen your learning by solving the small task that we assign at the end of each video before you proceed to the next one.

You start by first learning the theoretical part of a concept. Next, you implement everything in this concept practically using Python.

Right at the beginning of this comprehensive course, you will train your machine using the power of Python. Your machine will learn just like humans. Then, it will start making predictions based on that learning!

Python is the programming language used in this course. In the first section, you will learn Python from a basic level up to a more advanced level so that you can implement any deep learning concept.

You’ll also learn about the different steps involved in data preprocessing, which allows you to prepare the data for deep learning algorithms.

You’ll learn all the general concepts of machine learning (ML), as well. You'll then implement one of the key ML algorithms, “Deep Neural Networks.”

The applications of Deep Learning are varied. From self-driving cars to visual recognition, natural language processing to virtual assistance, fraud detection to the colorization of black and white images, and healthcare to language translations, Deep Learning is indispensable across industries.

In the foreseeable future, the demand for Deep Learning experts is expected to remain high. Start a rewarding career with this course and get your foot in this recession-proof field. The upside is you get a firsthand opportunity to solve some of the world's most challenging problems!

This in-depth course is right for you if you have some programming knowledge or even if you know nothing about Deep Learning and DNNs!

This course is comparable to other Deep Learning courses that cost thousands of dollars. The difference is you can learn all that information by paying a fraction of that price! With 6+ hours of HD video lectures that are subdivided into 85 short videos and code notebooks for every address, you'll not find a more exhaustive course on Deep Neural Networks and Deep Learning on Udemy!

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