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Economics of Power Stations & Energy Storage

Economics of Power Stations & Energy Storage

This paper proposes conceptual energy storage and power generation plant based on Solid Oxide Cell with technological and economics 

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What you'll learn

  • Theory of electricity generation assets
  • Technical characteristics of Electricity Generation Assets
  • Python: How electricity generators determine the wholesale electricity price
  • Economics of Power Stations. Part 1: Costs
  • Economics of Power Stations. Part 2: Revenue (subsidies)
  • Optimization: Market Strategy for an Electricity Generation company
  • Theory & Technoeconomics of Energy Storage using Python

What is the course about: Economics of Power Stations & Energy Storage

We look at the electricity infrastructure assets i.e. Power Stations (all different types) - their technical & economic characteristics, and Energy Storage units as well as other Grid assets.

We use Python and Excel to model the technical characteristics in order to understand them even better. We do this for all different types of technologies.

The idea of this course is that you understand how these assets operate, and then model them in the Data Science model, if necessary for the client.   


I am a research fellow and I lead industry projects using mathematical optimization and data science. I have a Ph.D. in Analytics & Mathematical Optimization, from Imperial College London, and specifically, have applied it to Energy investments.  Currently he is interested in uncertainty modeling in the context of investments.


  • No prerequisites and no experience are required.
  • Every detail is explained, so that you won't have to search online, or guess. In the end, you will feel confident in your knowledge and skills.
  • We start from scratch so that you do not need to have done any preparatory work in advance at all.  Just follow what is shown on screen, because we go slowly and understand everything in detail.

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