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Electricity Demand Analysis using Data Science

Electricity Demand Analysis using Data Science

For the last many years, Data-driven analytics methods are being used to forecast energy consumption or demand in many

What you'll learn

  • How to actually use Data Science to gain insights about Energy Storage
  • Modelling key concepts of electricity demand: load factors, normalization, peakiness, plots
  • Specialized electricity demand analyses - sector analyses
  • Duration curves - residual, load duration, decomposition
  • Data analysis on electricity demand - pivot tables, updates
  • Country-level electricity demand analyses
  • Part of the giannelos dot com official certificate for high-tech projects.

What is the course about: Electricity Demand Analysis using Data Science

This course teaches how to use Data Science in order to get insights about Electricity Demand.

First, we explore fundamental concepts about electricity demand such as the load factors, normalization, peakiness as well as how to accurately plot the electricity demand.

We then mention a special case of demand analysis done with electricity grids.

Furthermore, we model electricity demand duration curves: net load, residual load duration curve, and decomposition.

We also conduct data analysis on electricity demand datasets as well as calculate the total annual energy demand of a country.


I am a research fellow and I lead industry projects related to energy investments using mathematical optimisation and data science. Specialized in the Data Science aspect of the Green Energy transition, focused on algorithmic design and optimisation methods, using economic principles.

  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Analytics & Mathematical Optimization applied to Energy Investments, from Imperial College London , and Master of Engineering (M. Eng.) degree in Power System Analysis (Electricity) and Economics .

Special Acknowledgements:

To Himalaya Bir Shrestha, senior energy system analyst, who has been contributing to the development of Python scripts for this course and who regularly posts on medium.

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