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JavaScript Deep Dives

JavaScript Deep Dives

Javascript is a programming language based on ECMA 262. To understand how it works, we need to get way deep to the low level, deep! means

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What you'll learn

  • In-depth understanding of major JavaScript language concepts
  • In-depth understanding of JavaScript architecture topics
  • Ability to take situation dependent design decisions for JavaScript solution architectures
  • Understanding of JavaScript ecosystem constraints (use in browser vs. backend side use) and impact on solution design considerations (e.g. security aspects)

About The Course JavaScript Deep Dives

Writing the first JavaScript program is easy, but becoming a professional JavaScript architect and developer requires in-depth understanding of the JavaScript language core concepts. Therefore this course does not focus on explaining the JavaScript language basics, but focuses on the JavaScript core concepts, which are:

  • The JavaScript Inheritance Model
  • JavaScript Memory Management
  • JavaScript Iterables Model
  • JavaScript Currying Model
  • Array Concepts
  • JavaScript Generator Functions
  • The Relationship between JavaScript and JSON
  • JavaScript Object Protection Model
  • JavaScript Processing Architecture and Use Of Worker
  • JavaScript Proxy Architecture
  • JavaScript Promise Architecture
  • JavaScript Reactivity Architecture

For all of those topics the course provides a separate chapter, consisting of theoretical explanations of the respective topic, code examples and exercises (where appropriate), together with explanations of main use cases and implementation pattern.

Sometimes initial exercise program stubs are provided by the author and the exercise goal is to fill them with code to achieve specific functional goals. In those cases the source code for the initial stub as well as the final solution created by the author are provided.

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